August 28, 2014

The Hustle

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I'd like to say that we are soaking in these final lazy days of summer, and there is the occassional moment where that's the truth. The greater reality though is a tailspin of neglected deadlines, evening classes, sleep struggles, work demands, backlogged laundry, and preparations for a big camping trip this weekend that feels anything but relaxing. 

I'm exhausted and cranky. James is exhausted and cranky. The baby is exhausted and cranky. Little Smith is sleeping eleven hours a night, taking a proper two to three hour nap daily, and doing just swell, thank you. I've been attempting to reward him for his good nature with a decent helping of summer adventure, but every trip to the pond or visit to our favorite farm just lands us deeper in the hole; nap schedules shattered, deadlines sliding further from reach, and that laundry pile swallowing our bedroom floor.

It's been one of those weeks. But somehow come morning, we'll get the cars packed (yes both cars, don't ask), drive way further than is sensible, and ultimately enjoy a couple days of carefree camping with some dear friends that we don't see nearly often enough. Those blasted teeth will give Roo a rest, and her sweet baby ways will return. Everyone will sleep. Everyone will be less cranky. Little Smith will probably seize the opportunity to take a break from angel and channel his inner devil, but I'll take it...

...Because it's either that or we are insane and have decided to torture ourselves by following up a really rough week with a seven hour car ride and several nights of shared-tent-sleep. Cross your fingers for us, your guess is as good as mine!


  1. Oh lord you are a brave one. Good luck!!

  2. A little one who sleeps long hours sounds if only it were both of them huh? I agree with're a brave girl!

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