August 14, 2014

Burrito Lessons

Every parent has life lessons they want to pass along to their children. In our house, nothing trumps mastering the perfect burrito... as taught by the burrito king himself, daddy. I think James's entire cooking repertoire is restricted to pancakes and burritos, but he's got them both down to an artform. No joke!


Things have been moving along here, Roo started walking yesterday! We're all thrilled for her, and also sad that these baby days will be giving way to toddlerhood in short order. I feel the same way about the new chill in the morning air, it's the best kind of weather, yet makes me anxious that our summer won't last forever. 

We're already getting Little Smith geared up to go back to school as a 'three day friend' (big time!), and I am also prepping for starting back at teaching at the end of the month. I have taken on a lot more responsibility this semester, with classes two evenings a week and a brand new syllabus that's still a work in progress. I'm excited to be pouring through all of my books, searching for precedents, and shaping assignments, but I'm also nervous about juggling it all (yes! there is a serious theme of ambivalence going on with just about everything in my life right now).

And, as is always the case when I'm feeling anxious, I'm barely sleeping. I think I averaged two hours a night all last week, but luckily Roo 'slept in' until a decadent 5:45 this morning and let me catch up a little (if only the cat wasn't parked on my head, it would have been heaven). 

I have tons of pictures from the past few weeks that I am determined to find time to get into this space. You can look forward to steam trains, berry picking, and random tidbits. This whole last year, I've let so many photos slide by and never posted them (I know that may be hard to believe with the amount of documentation here, but it's true)... and I just forget anything not collected here. Since I'm not getting any sleep anyway, lets hope I can at least cross a few things off of my to-do list. 

Oh, and our tomatoes are finally in full swing. We've been eating tomatoes with everything, which is messy with the kids, but so very worth it. I love this time of year, when it's effortless to make all our meals from the garden. 

And because this is now the most disjointed collection of thoughts, I'll add that Little Smith has left behind diapers! (Well, except for naps and nighttime, during which we're back to using cloth). It's still pretty rocky, but we've made enough progress that there's no turning back. I thought it was never going to happen, and thank you to everyone who commented and emailed with great suggestions. All of them were very helpful, and I'm so honored that you took the time to offer useful advice (man has this silly potty training been a doozy!).

Okay. Happy weekend.


  1. Yay tomatoes! Many congrats to Little Smith's and baby Roo's big milestones. I'm right there with you about heading back to campus. We had to head back to campus this past Wednesday for meetings and whatnot, with classes starting on the 25th. Can't wait to hear how everything you've got going on progresses!

  2. Oh, yum! We love burritos! Hooray for R walking! These milestones can be bittersweet. Except for potty training. That milestone is all sweet and no bitter. Good luck with all the new schedules, and I hope that sleep comes soon xo

  3. Enjoyable blog!! May I ask where did you got those lovely bottles? I am searching for BPA free for our wonderful nephew and his wife will have a baby girl coming this November. I would like to know to give as gift to them.

    1. Thanks so much Angela. The bottles are from 'Life Factory'. They have different tops, so you can buy them as baby bottles and then switch them to sippy cups (which is what we have here), and then ultimately just use a screw top for adults. They are glass with a rubber sleeve, but our's have been tossed and hurled and only broke once when it fell off our porch onto the street, so they are tough (also a bit heavy, but my kids don't mind). I love them, in case you couldn't tell! :)