August 7, 2014



This week he: was so excited to celebrate his sister's birthday, he painted her a card and helped bake her cake and could hardly wait to give her his gift / rode a real steam train all the way to the top of Mount Washington, mind blown / found so many mushrooms while camping, and trapped a giant slug (later released) / was so sweet wishing his sister a happy birthday, he keeps asking if it's still her birthday because he just doesn't want it to end. 

This week she: turned one! just crazy / stood at the summit of Mount Washington like a pro / was so adorable rocking her new dollies / did a great job sleeping in the tent (we were worried she would crawl around because we didn't use a travel bed, but she was perfect both nights / started 'walking' while pushing a cart or holding our hands, she is really changing so suddenly... wild to watch. 

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