July 28, 2014

Prepping For One

At the end of this week, our baby will turn one. She has been busy in the last few days, steadying her standing skills, cutting new teeth, learning  the signs for 'all done' and 'more'. It's almost as though she senses a big milestone is on the horizon and is rushing to check off as many boxes as she can, just under the wire. 

Little Smith could not be more excited. We took him to the toy store and let him pick out any gift he wanted for his sister. He chose a doll (the kind with a rubber head and fluttering eyes that I find slightly unnerving, but I actually think she'll be fascinated by those moving lids). We have been practicing singing 'happy birthday to you' and thinking a lot about cakes and treats. A honey cake seems to be the winner, since we held off giving Roo honey in her first year and are excited to share all that sweetness with her.  

We're celebrating by heading up to the White Mountains of New Hampshire for a camping trip (so that adds an extra challenge to the cake logistics, but fingers crossed, I think I've got it covered!). It's one of our favorite areas in New England and seems like the perfect place for our baby to finish up her first trip around the sun. 

My own emotions are nearly as raw as they were one year ago. Maybe there is an extra surge of hormones, stored away and ready for release at baby's first birthday. Marking this milestone for our little girl is exciting. I'm trying to embrace that joy and not let myself get too consumed with the nostalgia of missing her new baby smell (it always seems to vanish when you are too tired to notice, doesn't it?!). She has  grown and changed so much this year, and I am incredibly proud of the sweet and silly little character she is becoming. I can't wait to watch her gobble up some cake, tear open a couple presents, and then give her some birthday snuggles by the campfire.


  1. I always love your pictures- they say so much. I think the camping trip will be the perfect place for your family to celebrate, and honey cake sounds delicious!

  2. Aw, Happy Birthday, Ruby! The fact that she is turning one just blew my mind. Have a wonderful trip, Lilly!

  3. little crown seems nice! And your baby, too, of course. Happy birthday

  4. That crown! I never thought about knitting one. summer birthdays are the best, and 1 year olds are pretty much the cutest darn things in the world.

  5. Happy birthday to your sweet girl! I hope you are having a lovely time! :)


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