July 7, 2014



Last week he: felt a little unsure about his sister's new quite mobile self, and was very emotional about the various train tracks and towers that she demolished / loved going on a swan boat ride in the public gardens, and was pretty close to taking an unapproved swim / picked so many peas in the garden... and ate nearly all of them / struggled a little with getting back into the swing of speech class, but his new teacher said he sounded great (although he reported that they only worked on easy words, like 'bubble' :)

Last week she: crawled and crawled and got into lots of mischief / had her first taste of ice cream and was crazy for it / tried to launch out of the swan boat in the public gardens / let us know she is not a fan of humidity (we installed our only AC in the kid's room after few rough nights / said 'mama'... once. she's such a tease!

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