June 22, 2014

First S'More

I was struggling with some camera issues as Little Smith was experiencing the joy that is one's very first s'more. James kept getting annoyed and telling me to put the camera away and I could photograph the second s'more, but for some reason I refused to be deterred! As it turned out there wasn't a second one to document... 'can I just have the chocolate mama, I don't like fire mellows'. There is just no accounting for taste!

*oh man, is she still talking about that camping trip?! I am. sorry. and I'm not even done, although just one more... promise! I generally pride myself on kind-of-sort-of editing, but we took sooo many pictures (likely because we had no phones, which actually has me thinking quite a bit) and so this IS edited. plus, it's my journal, and I guess I can do what I want to, right? ;)


  1. Yes! I haven't had time to comment on everything but have enjoyed reading every last word regarding your adventures. Lovely photos...nothing like capturing that first time.

  2. Ha!! Fire mellows! So cute. Fletcher agrees with W. He just wants the chocolate, while Rowan only wants the fire mellow.

  3. Okay, maybe fire mellows are an acquired taste!! (I could eat whole bags of 'em...)


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