June 5, 2014

A School Year

first day of school / september 2013

last day of school / june 2014

Oh what a journey the last nine months of this school year has been. Both Little Smith and I were hesitant, resistant even, initially. A mere two mornings a week is actually a big deal for a kid who's spent nearly three years without so much as a babysitter... and an even bigger deal for his mama! Then came the unexpected twist of speech therapy, and instantly we went from free and fluid weekdays, to shuttling to and fro or supporting and participating in some school related activity five days a week (always with the extremely patient baby sister in tow). I thought I would gain more free time, and it was certainly quite the opposite. There have been difficult moments, internal debates and decisions, but ultimately a truly amazing school experience.  James and I are so grateful to have found a preschool with wonderful teachers and a supportive community that compliments Little Smith's temperament and strengths. In fact he now loves it so much that he keeps assuring me school is still in session and he has not had his last day. We will be keeping up with speech class through the summer, and looking forward to meeting back up with his buddies as a big 'three-day kids' in a few short months. 

*for those of you who are interested, the preschool program that we selected is Reggio Emilia based. we absolutely love it and have learned so much in these last few months. if only all school could be like preschool!


  1. Wow how he has grown, Lilly! So adorable. I kind of miss his long hair, do you?

    1. Definitely miss the hair! And I can never really cut his hair quite right either. It was always a mess though, and he refused ponytails. I think what I really miss is just him being little (not that I don't adore him this age as well obviously).

  2. Wow, what a great document of growth - I will be totally stealing this idea this Sept. :)