May 20, 2014

Another Brownie

The weather has been so intoxicating that I haven't been doing as much baking lately. Through all of those chilly and dark by 4PM days, whipping up some muffins or bread was a favorite way to pass the time. Little Smith is so good at helping in the kitchen, and especially loves measuring, weighing, mixing, and sampling. When he woke up requesting we bake a cake, I redirected his craving towards brownies, as I had the perfect recipe on deck to test out.

My food and baking mentor Linda (if you don't have a real life food mentor, I highly suggest you find one!), forwarded me this recipe claiming these brownies were both delicious and super easy. They succeeded on both counts, and made a generous batch to boot, so I wanted to share them here. 

Now you may remember that I once posted Thomas Keller's delectable brownie recipe (*in my early blogging days and before I realized it might not be good form to type out a whole recipe without any substantial changes- sorry Thomas, but I am certain anyone who actually tried that recipe ran to get the book because who could resist!). Those Keller brownies still take the cake for maximum indulgence, but these are much less fussy to prepare and a perfectly fudgey alternative. I think they may even be more kid friendly, at least if my kid is judging.

I followed Nick's Supernatural Brownie Recipe, which basically consists of melting together butter and chocolate, beating eggs with sugar, and then mixing it all together with a cup of flour thrown in. It was easy and fast enough to hold Little Smith's attention, and licking a spatula with melted chocolate was definitely a highlight. I actually skipped the parchment paper and just buttered my dish generously, and I was still able to scoop my servings with ease. 

There's nothing like a warm brownie for an after dinner treat. I only wish we were expecting company this week so that I wasn't faced with a giant platter of chocolate goodness calling my name. I am eternally powerless against chocolate.

And as luck would have it, I actually caught baby Roo's first accidental chocolaty bite on 'film'. She's very attentive with those crumbs and wasted no time helping herself. It seems she will fit right in with this family of chocolate lovers.

 * I hope to share more original recipes soon, but currently my creative energy seems to be channeled elsewhere. When we venture beyond roasted veggies and hard boiled eggs, I will be sure to document the moment!


  1. These look divine, Lilly! I'm in the same boat... that creative recipe area of my brain seems to be shut completely off lately. But I love a good brownie recipe! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I so want a brownie right now! They look amazing! And look at her with her chocolaty hands. So cute.


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