April 24, 2014

A Children's Easter

*to do: boil eggs, snack, cut LS's hair, color first batch of eggs, shop for dress clothes, lunch, throw together coffee cake (which will be ignored as gluten has become evil), color second batch of eggs, dinner, baths and bed, find tights without hole, find dress that zips, wrap gifts,  james to switch car seats, pack and pack and pack... breakfast, shower, pack more, james to load car, sew sleeves on baby's dress, extra food for cat, pick up flowers and diapers, sit in traffic, dispense snacks, sing songs....

... deep breath. give hugs, unload, share laughs, eat good food, enjoy the sweet faces we've missed, take long walks, visit with goats, hide eggs, rise before dawn, and hope the cute kids and bubbles and beautiful scenery and full bellies are enough to distract everyone from how tired these two parents are. (there is a reason we are not pictured!).

My aunt never disappoints with her amazing hospitality, she throws a mean party and our family table always numbers over thirty. Not only did she feed us delicious meal after meal, but she even rearranged the bedroom for Little Smith and Baby Roo so that there was a bed with big boy rails and a crib, just as cozy as could be... not that they slept of course! We are endlessly grateful to have such a wonderful and loving family to enjoy the holiday with, and hurray for cousins, too cute.


  1. It looks like a lovely Easter! W looks so big in his tie, and R is so sweet in that bonnet.

  2. Oh, wow, W looks like such a big boy! Like a little man in that outfit. And how sweet is your baby girl? Looks like you guys had a (busy) great time!

  3. What adorable, sweet photos. Love your list too. It effectively captures the overwhelming job of the mother! :)

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