April 30, 2014



This week he: ate pancakes for one dinner and two breakfasts (thanks daddy) / started jumping over all the thresholds in the house more often than not / climbed on the rocks and fences at drumlin farms / rode in daddy's car  / went to the model railroad show at mit / had very few tantrums and even proclaimed several times how happy he was.

This week she: started scooting backwards on her belly and (maybe) really trying to crawl / used her now two teeth to bite mama a couple times and then laughed herself silly / rolled off the bed (oops!) / rode in daddy's car / took a shower with daddy and seemed to enjoy it more than the bath / did better with sleeping after we let her cry for a few short intervals, it was not easy!

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  1. Well done on the sleeping front! I remember how hard that is-- good on you. Tucker was a big threshold jumper too-- now he hangs from the casing around all the doorways...so there's that lol. Sounds like a busy week for all!


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