April 8, 2014

13/52 +14/52


This week he: finally started feeling better and eating up a storm / was super excited about his new play porch and rode his scooter back and forth more times than we could count / brought his ski map to school to share with all of his friends / splashed in the stream and decided maybe it was okay that the snow has disappeared / told mama she looked 'bootiful' on her way out to class (made my night!) / pushed his baby sister all around in her stroller, such a sweet big brother.

This week she: worked at trying to crawl, it's slow going / enjoyed rolling around and watching her brother skoot on the new play porch / got very frustrated whenever a toy was taken away with the saddest little cry in history / had her first nap in the crib, it was only 15 minutes but still note worthy!.

Last week he: survived the tail end of his flu and ate nothing but avocado maki rolls / insisted on helping pull up carpet and asphalt, among other layers, from the porch (hoping there's no long term effects!) / went to see the muppet movie with mama and kept asking, 'what that frog doing?' / was too tired to run and play, it was rough.

Last week she: started saying dada (at least we think that's what she's saying, James is particularly certain!) / put up with a lot of crying and tantrums from her sick big brother, she is such a sport / started doing a lot of poking with her index finger and eating smaller finger foods / was the only tough cookie who never got sick (wood is being knocked).

*Lots of eye candy in the form of sunny play porches and cute babies coming as soon as I can sort through pictures, we are officially out of the dark and in shiny happy mode over here... hurray! (And yes, these are separate weeks despite the redundant baby sweater. What can I say, I like it and she'll be wearing it daily while it fits :)


  1. That lemon photo is just the best! I'm so glad everyone's feeling better, and the play porch looks unreal. Kellie xx

  2. yes these are so adorable. I love the pictures you take of your littles.

  3. I'm fairly certain that your kiddos are among the MOST photogenic gorgeous creatures ever to exist!! I love Ruby's sweater. I want one in my size!

  4. Lilly, these completely brighten my day! I especially love the one with R and all the lemons! So sweet. Does that child EVER get upset?

  5. That last pic of your darling girl-swoon! Such a fabulous angle and oh those eyes! Glad your Boy is feeling better xx (Popping in from Jodies!)

  6. Just beautiful!! And I completely support multiple wearings of the gorgeous sweater (& echo Ruthie's desire to have one in adult size)


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