March 18, 2014

In and Out

Since spring is still playing hard to get, we made the most of perpetual winter and headed out to my mom's this past week-end for some skiing / snowboarding and fireside relaxation. I managed to get in some solo time with my trusty snowboard and a very extended soak in the tub, Little Smith finally stopped intentionally falling on his skis and got back to working on his turns, James was the proudest and most patient pop ever, and baby enjoyed some cozy time with grandma. The perfect weekend.

Then James drove back home Sunday night while I stayed behind with the kids until Monday... and it seems to never fail that when we don't have his help some catastrophe strikes. Little Smith woke up sick in the middle of the night, and both he and the baby wanted nothing but mama. It was pretty hectic, soothing and cleaning up one kid with a baby under the other arm all night long. The mysterious illness was gone by morning, but I still haven't quite recovered from the exhaustion. 

Happily the weather seems to be taking a turn for the (slightly) warmer this week. I'm visualizing buds and mud and less hat-head. It will come.


  1. Beautiful family moments Lilly...apart from the nighttime illness perhaps?! That snow is amazing!

  2. Isn't that always the way? Finally get caught up on the rest when catastrophe (or insomnia) strikes-- sigh. Lovely pictures, as always!!

  3. Looks peaceful, apart from the lack of sleep. Love the bathroom wallpaper!


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