January 9, 2014


a portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2014

This week he: didn't cry at preschool drop off / met a turtle and it crawled right towards him / kneaded bread dough all on his own / talked a blue streak / continued the love affair with trains / sang three songs over and over and over.

This week she: rolled more confidently (and maybe even off the couch, under her three year old brother's watch... shhhhh) / slept a little bit better / started cooing and blowing more bubbles / laughed at her brother a lot.


So, it's on! I'm doing this series again, although this time I am not restricting myself to focusing on the face. Hopefully that frees me up enough to keep things interesting. It's such fun to see the babes grow, and this project helps me edit down to a single photo for every week that might otherwise be lost in the sea of pictures (now that I am behind in blogging there are so so many that I wish I could share dating all the way back to the spring- maybe I will find a way). I'm excited for a fresh new year, and excited to see everyone else's new portraits as well. I don't always have time to comment these days, but I love to check them all out.


  1. Very sweet pictures. She is growing so quickly! I think it's great that you are doing the series again. The kids change so much in the early years. It will be nice for you to have these portraits. :)

  2. I'm so glad you're doing this again! I decided not to, but will be posting occasional portraits for fun, maybe once a month or whenever the mood strikes!

  3. So glad you are taking up the challenge again-- your photographs are so lovely, and it is a great way of having a curated "snapshot" of the year instead of shoebox full of randomness. And I'm with you on time to comment-- I am reading & enjoying all my friends blogs, but can't always muster the braincells to come up with something to say. Sigh...


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