October 17, 2013


a portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2013

Her first time in a dress. She immediately lifted it over her head... that's my girl!

This is the look of a nearly three year old turned loose at an airport. He thought the planes were giant toys, and I guess he was sort of right.


  1. I LOVE your boy's curls! Beautiful kids. If only my son's preschool would allow boys to keep long hair..I would totally let my son grow his hair like yours. ;)

    1. Thank you Marie, I get soooo much flack for that hair :) I don't know when we'll cut it but someone asks me almost every day!

  2. I agree- the hair is great. I actually regret cutting Oliver's over the summer, but what can you do? At least it grows back. And oh, is Ruby gorgeous!

  3. Such beautiful children! I think their eyes look a lot alike. And that hair...I never tire of that fluffy early hair.

  4. I love his hair! My husband didn't cut his long hair until he was over 30...and relatives were constantly bugging him.

    They both have such beautiful, big expressive eyes.