September 24, 2013

Details B9.02

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 Lately our days start early and are packed with activities; tending to the garden, riding on subway trains, lots of baking, long walks collecting 'acorn nuts', meeting up with friends, eating and nursing and more nursing. I'm exhausted and Little Smith seems to favor short naps the last week, but he is also extra happy and captivated by the changing season and his little sister.

I'm honestly surprised by how sweet he already is as a big brother. Initially I tried not to focus on or talk to much about the baby, I guess I was worried that he would be jealous and was trying to maintain his world as much as possible. As the weeks have passed and her little personality has started to shine, it feels more and more like we are a team and he looks for her to take part in everything we do. I constantly find him patting her fuzzy little head (which is losing more hair and looking more ridiculous by the day- poor thing), and his latest treat is tickling her belly... she lights up and smiles. It's enough to melt this mama's heart, and I hope the joy lasts.

I'm coming to terms with the colder weather. It's undeniably beautiful, even if I'm not ready for the short days and runny noses inching closer with each falling leaf. Getting back in the kitchen and enjoying the warmth of the stove feels good, I'm always excited to pull out my sweaters (especially with the extra pounds I'm sporting), and it's fun to snuggle up and stay toasty. It is extra tough to force my eyes open at 5AM with the chill in the air and those dark skies, but somehow we're all pulling it off and still standing. Now I'm off to get a little sleep... until that sweet baby girl needs to eat somewhere between midnight and two, lets all hope for two! 


  1. Aawww the 2nd and 3rd photo are too precious! Enjoy your moments with your little newborn. :)

  2. I can't pick which picture I like the best!! You have such a sweet family, and that cozy fire looks perfect. We're still waiting for it to be cool enough to start up the wood stove.

  3. oh i am so ready for a hot fire, a cozy blanket and a cold beer. of course, talk to me in four months and i'll say i'm ready for a maxi dress and the beach. ahhh need to just appreciate each season:)

  4. Your description of W with R are bringing back so many wonderful memories. Those first few months of adjustment, it can feel like walking on eggshells... a little bit of guilt, wondering if you're paying enough attention to the older child, wondering if his world is totally on its head. It's amazing to think that when W is older, he will probably never remember not having his little sister.

    And I think it only gets better. I watch my boys interact and sometimes it actually does bring tears to my eyes- the sweetness they show for each other.

    I just have two more things... ha, ha! W's eyes in the third picture! So beautiful! And Ruby is starting to resemble you, I think! I can see it in her eyes? Something! Also, I'm a little jealous of your first fire. That seems lightyears away to me right now- it was 84 degrees here today in St. Louis!