August 22, 2013

Details B8.01

slowly deflating feet catch-and-release fireflies nap time awaiting new seed brother and sister so many tomatoes parallel play stretching plums are our favorite check out that sweet cantilever 

These days are slipping away so quickly. I'm working hard to get the swing of having two little people to care for each day. Our baby girl is so even tempered (at least so far!). She does wake every few hours to eat, but usually is easy to get back to sleep. We typically have one mini-crying fit a day, but she is far less fussy than Little Smith was at the same age. I'm sure some of that is my comfort level as well. She's just a sweet little thing right now.

Little Smith is hanging in there. He loves being a big brother and gives the most gentle pets and kisses. I can see he's aware of all the changes though. James has had a deadline this week so there's been very little time with pop, a big shift from the last month when we were spoiled having him around so often. That coupled with my split attention has lead to a lot of clinging to mama and a handful of epic tantrums. He is also nearing three, I know it's a complicated age. In between those tantrums he is still his happy and curious self, and I expect this transition will just keep getting easier with each new week.

I'm feeling completely exhausted. We aren't getting to bed early enough which is leaving me with just a few hours of interrupted sleep. I need to fix that... soon. I'm also feeling so lucky and joyful. It's just right having this new tiny person in our family. I'm so in love with her already and I am daydreaming of all the adventures she and her brother will have in the months and years to come.


  1. Aaawwww your boy looks so happy beside her. The toddler age is not an easy one so hang in there! It will get better when he's older, when he learns how to control his emotions. :))

  2. I remember those early sleepless days & feeling almost tortured. Hold on, you know it passes & pretty soon it will be barely remembered. Sending you many good & energetic vibes!!

  3. It's such a difficult but amazing time, isn't it? I will never forget the extreme highs and lows of infanthood coupled with taking care of the needs of older children. The sleep piece always makes or breaks my mood. Try to get some rest, Lilly!

    And honestly... what are you doing to me with the pictures of that girl?!!! She is so beautiful and sweet! I especially love the pic of her stretching with her eyes open. Growing so fast!

  4. Oh, I hope you get some good sleep soon, mama. Your girl is so darling, I hope you're enjoying every newborn minute!!

  5. Oh gosh, look at her stretching! Too precious! :)