June 27, 2013

Their Garden

I have given up control of my beloved garden this summer, the boys are holding down the fort. This means that I have to laugh it off when the occasional weed is mistaken for a veggie and lovingly tended to until it is giant and dwarfing the kale patch, when radishes are left to grow as large as beets (aren't those beets?), and when the rows and hills are planted with some creative spacing... but it also means that I get to enjoy greens and peas and radishes (and hopefully much more to come) with hardly any effort and only a 'thank you' required in return... And I am thankful, so unbelievably grateful that with everything else he is juggling, James has made the time to maintain our little garden. It may not be the most prolific year, but stuff is growing and that's better than I expected! 

It's also a great chance for Little Smith and pop to share some quality time without any meddling from mama...

... okay maybe I checked in once...

... I'm asking if they thinned the carrots... they did not. Don't worry, I did it last week... but I've mostly, entirely given up all control... really.

Thanks to my fellas for keeping our garden growing, and allowing me to slack off and maintain some sanity as I grow this baby!


  1. Ah! Such a cutey! And good on ya for giving up control {mostly}-- I'm not all that good at that myself-- but you can't do everything, right? Especially with the baby on the way!

  2. So sweet! The garden is beautiful.

  3. Looks so nice - what kind of flower is that huge, purple thing?

    1. Thank you, those are a giant allium and I just love them! They also dry beautifully to admire in the winter.

  4. I would be totally fine with letting someone else tend the garden! ;)

    Your photos are beautiful and your little guy always looks completely adorable. :)

  5. The careful cultivation of the WEED just cracked me up! Is it too much to phone in garden orders? From bed, ideally whilst sipping an icy cool beverage?


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