April 17, 2013


I continue to be amazed by how different this pregnancy is than the last one. Virtually every symptom is completely reversed, it's fascinating to me that this is the same body carrying out the same duty and it can be such a new experience (I expect that I will find this to be true when it comes to parenting as well... lots to learn, I know!). 

One thing I'm not missing this time around is the heartburn. With Little Smith I carried really high, ridiculously high, and I think that contributed to the awful heartburn that kicked in early and kept going right up until delivery. This baby is actually very low, I feel her moving all the way in the bottom of my belly. The plus is zero heartburn, the downside is that I am gaining so much more weight all over. This is not a basketball in the belly pregnancy, my face and arms and legs (and many other places) are also expanding... and I'm feeling a little like a whale. That's not really like me. I'm not someone with body issues or who cares about being thin, actually I've always yearned for more curves. I guess it's just getting used to all the changes, I'm trying to make peace with my new and growing shape. I'm certainly not letting the feelings of chubbiness interfere with my chocolate consumption, still craving sweets like a maniac and fully indulging!

I keep day dreaming about what this little girl will be like and how our family will feel with another child in the mix. I'm ridiculously excited, but then I'll also see a flustered mother in the park with a newborn and toddler and can't quite imagine that in a few short months, that will be me. I start to try to figure out how I will tackle Little Smith's bedtime with a baby, or naps... we have such a set ritual. Then I realize that planning is ridiculous, we'll just have to see how it all fits and make it work. It's tough to let go!

This is a happy time. It's reassuring to feel the baby moving so often (it reminds me that I'm actually pregnant!), I'm still limber enough to feel comfortable and get down to garden or play with Little Smith, we have so many projects and plans to look forward to. I'm feeling very lucky, the second trimester really does deserve its good reputation.


  1. You look awesome! Pregnancy is crazy, how it can vary so much. And also just the fact that there wasn't a person, but now there is. That will never stop blowing my mind.

  2. Agree that planning is a little ridiculous at times.. it's good to be flexible in terms of looking after very young kids. You'll never what to expect from them. ;D

  3. You look wonderful! Love stripes on pregnant belly.

    And oh! The pregnancy heartburn. I had such a terrible case of it with Alice. Eating or drinking ANYTHING would give me heartburn... even water! Hopefully for round two I'll carry lower as well and won't have a stitch of The Burn!

  4. You look adorable! I craved chocolate a lot with my second pregnancy too. Maybe that's why my little girl used to dance all over my belly. She was never still for a moment. Still isn't today. Enjoy the pregnancy! :)

  5. Hello - lovely blog you have here. I remember liking the second trimester - people could see that I was actually pregnant, not a bi fat, but you're not so big that the smallest task is exhausting. Wonderful photos, by the way.

    Gillian x

  6. You look so lovely there! I loved being pregnant both times, but it is so true that each pregnancy can be so different. I hope you continue to enjoy it through the 3rd trimester!

  7. Oh, Lilly! I love seeing your beautiful shape change over the months! You are making a person! How cool is that?

    I do understand the feeling of not being in control of your body. And though you are the hardest on yourself than anyone else, I can honestly tell you that you do not resemble in any way, shape, or form a whale! Glad you are enjoying this trimester!

  8. I remember heartburn issues with the boys as well as a horrible irritating numbness at the bottom of my ribs - thankfully two things I don't have this time around. It is amazing what this female body of ours is capable of!

    I try not to let myself "go there" when it comes to imagining how all of our wonderful predictable routines might be upset because like you said, you really can't plan it. But sometimes it IS hard to trust things will work themselves out although I know they will.

    You look beautiful - loving your hair!


  9. I think pregnant women are so beautiful, as you are. :-)

  10. You're looking great! I'm carrying really high and it's so tiring! 2nd trimester really is the best- enjoy it while it lasts ;)

    1. I do think it's harder on the body to carry high- but it sure does look cuter for some reason ;) Thanks Anne!

  11. Thanks to all for the encouragement- it's always so sweet to read these comments!

  12. You are so gorgeous and seeing those little items for your baby gal has me even more excited for you. I always worry about how we will handle adding additional children to the mix and end up at the same sentiment of just knowing one must just figure it out as it comes and that planning is really of no use. It will be the most challenging and most beautiful time. I can't wait to see you experiencing it all.


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