April 28, 2013

Details B4.02

warm enough for bare feet, cold enough for tea giving up on his nap strike flowers for me from them squeeze sorting walk in the woods bump shadow apples and pancakes flowers for them from me

We've been spending long days outside, skipping naps, tending to our garden, picnic lunches,  and playdates in the park. I'm exhausted, my legs hurt from walking (and even a little biking), my back aches from gardening, and hauling a toddler, and oh yeah- that growing belly too... and I couldn't be any happier. It's a great feeling to be spending most of our time on the move again, and I know that this pace is going to be short lived for me this season, so I'm packing it in while I can.

There's a lot that isn't getting done; work deadlines, progress on the kids' room (which is making me very anxious), paperwork and housework, but with this new burst of nice weather, it just seems wrong to focus our efforts on inside tasks. Little Smith persistently reminds us 'outside, outside, me go outside!', and I have to agree. We've earned a little sunshine and in my case, some freckles (even with sunscreen - sigh). Rainy days will come, to catch up on everything that awaits, but for now we're pretty happy with these brilliant blue skies. 


  1. Feeling a bit the same here Lilly. We are getting a final blast of warm weather before it cools off and I am trying to make the most of it. The inside chores and housework will wait! Your bump looks lovely x

  2. We've been doing the same (when it hasn't been raining)-- lots of walks & a little gardening & outside-ness.
    Beautiful pictures!

  3. You seem to love yellow flowers. Good choice!


    1. Yes that's the theme of the week- yellow flowers!

  4. Love all the Spring flowers! These pictures make me smile- I can almost feel your place warming up with Spring!!

  5. I'm loving all the pops of yellow in these photos- my absolute favorite color! And yes, outside outside OUTSIDE! is the theme around here (finally we are having beautiful weather today... after the weekend passes, of course!). Emil would sleep outside if we let him!

  6. Aaawww your boy looks so happy. :)) And the food looks delicious!

  7. It all sounds very nice. :) I get the freckles too, doesn't matter what I do.


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