March 27, 2013

farewell auf wiedersehen adieu

Nearly a year ago I wrote this, and if you've been reading that long you probably thought (hoped!) that I had quickly replaced those boots and moved on. But nope, I held onto them for another summer, and fall, and winter. The holes got so bad that my feet were soaking wet the moment I left the house and I even contemplated lining them with shopping bags... but I don't use shopping bags, so I never implemented that plan.

I'm generally cautious with money but I wouldn't say I'm frugal. I have been known to splurge; on that perfect soup pot, high chair, salad bowl, and don't even add up my grocery bill. But when it comes to something just for me, not the house or our family but mine all mine... I just can't pull the trigger on a purchase.

I had new boots in my virtual shopping cart time and time again over the months, but couldn't follow through. A few weeks ago we were strolling around my hometown, I was sloshing along in my drenched socks and carefully avoiding every puddle of slush (in my rain boots) when James finally forced me into the local shoe store. Less than ten minutes later I had brand new water tight boots covering those wet socks... almost a year of hemming and hawing and suddenly it seemed so easy. There's something about a real store that pushes along decision making, and supporting a local business feels good too.

So these green boots are mine all mine, to jump feet first into all those mud puddles that spring will be bringing our way. So long to my trusty purple pals, you will be missed!


  1. Good for you with new ones - and needed! :-D

  2. sometimes you just need to do what you need to do. when life is so busy, it is easy to put off those things that seem less important than the here & now, but when it is is always a great big phew! love your new boots. I have been coveting Hunters for years and still can't quite push myself to spend that money on me, so I completely understand. glad you have some dry feet now! rest well this week! xo

  3. Good job James. I'm the same way. Sometimes I need a little nudge.

  4. Oh hooray! So funny, I used to be the same way, but recently I have been more willing to buy better quality shoes that I know will last me for years and years (of course, I have to sell plenty of old things in order to justify these purchases!) and that I love. It's a good rational that our feet are no longer growing (unlike our children's feet), I think. Glad that you pulled the trigger on those!

  5. Isn't it funny how things like trusty old boots can become like trusty old friends? I think that's why it's hard to retire them.

    I do love your new green ones!


  6. I want a pair so badly but have such a hard time just doing it. I'll buy six pairs of crap boots in a row at a lesser cost...but not just splurge on ones that will keep. So, I can relate! Although not to the soggy sock part.. as soon as that happens I'm out. Hope you were serious about possibly contributing a recipe. Would love for you to. Really, really! Congratulations on the dry feet, lady!

  7. Good for you & good for James for pushing you! There is something about brick & mortar that makes it real~*

  8. Cute color choice. For some reason, I bought bright cherry red Hunters and I've regretted picking that color ever since. They are just so... loud. And how little I actually do wear them they'll NEVER wear out and I won't be able to justify forking over the money when I still have a perfectly good pair. I think had I not bought them online and gone into a store, I would've made a different (smarter?) color choice.

    Enjoy your warm, dry feet!