January 23, 2013

Getting Out

We've spent a lot of time cooped up inside lately, which is very unusual for us. We love the outdoors, even in the chill of winter, but being sick is making me a little bit of a germ freak / hermit. It seems like everywhere I go people are hacking, kid's have runny noses and inflamed cheeks... I know, I sound like a nut. So last Sunday, when it reached a balmy 45 degrees, we decided to make the most of the nice day and head to the very public and germ filled zoo. 

In general I have a complicated set of feelings about the zoo and animals, but Little Smith was so so amazed and delighted. I think the gorillas were his favorite and it was crazy to watch them, they are so human! I even let Little Smith press his palms against the filthy glass, fully embracing being out in the big wide world.

He has been studying the zoo map ever since and today when we went to the farmer's market he kept asking for the 'aminals'. I told him the market wasn't like the zoo and he said 'mama I go zoo!'. We've created an animal monster. 

I've been trying to keep up the momentum and make a point of getting out of the house each day this week. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 10 degrees, so we may just make it to the mailbox and back... I think that counts!

*please excuse my worse-than-just-rolled-out-of-bed hair here. i've been sick and lazy and... i'm working on it (mentally at least!).


  1. You do not sound like a nut (I can relate) and your hair is barely visible! What are you talking about? You look great! Both MA and ME are reporting higher cases of flu so it's no wonder we're both wary. I'm 60% on the way to to canceling our trip to the museum tomorrow just because it just seems like THE place to get something we don't want. Feeeel bettah. xo

    1. I'm so not the type to get crazy about germs, but I think all the news coverage and having been sick is getting to me. I started teaching tonight too, so I can only imagine the germs in school or all those Back Bay cross walk buttons! As for the hair, it was worse in person. James has started telling me it's bad so I know it's bad. Something has to be done :)

  2. Reading this post makes me feel like bringing my boy to the zoo soon..he hasn't been there for ages. Seems like children are always fascinated by animals and other creatures. ;D

  3. How fun, I haven´t been to a zoo in a couple of years - it´s about time again!

  4. I also have a complicated set of feelings about zoos, but kids love them so I guess that's a point in their favor? I'm totally with you on germs too {who want to be sick?}, especially now when my whole day seems to entail students getting thisclose to me while snurfling & explaining why they won't be in class. Sigh. Thankfully we've avoided full on sickies {though I have been going through another bout of insomnia}. Stay warm & healthy on your adventures!!

  5. How fun! I know it's hard to get out during cold days, so good for you guys! Get better soon.

  6. I feel the same way about the germs in public places. My kiddos are finally healthy after a long season of back to back colds. Looks like a fun outing! The zoo is always a winner!

  7. Yes! To the mailbox and back definitely counts when it is that cold!

    I know how you feel about zoos. We go to our zoo on a regular basis, and I have recently started to talk to the boys about how these animals would be happier if they were free and wild, but I do think having a close-up look at all the different creatures give them a sense of respect, wonder and amazement at the variety of life on the planet... we talk about what it would be like to swim like a sea lion (and they even play with us through the glass!), how similar our hands and feet are to the great apes, and the scary sound a lion makes (and why/how they can roar so loudly). It is so sad, though.

  8. I know, zoos propose a kind of conundrum for me too. We actually have a type of wildlife sanctuary here that houses only regional wild animals that have been injured or need a permanent home - that always makes me feel better.

    You and W look cute in your matching red jackets!


  9. Ha, some (most) days to the mailbox and back is all we do. I feel similarly about zoos. I have been a couple of times in recent years when my family was going, but it always makes me so sad, so it's hard to enjoy it. I always wonder how I will handle it with Isadora as she grows. I would love for her to be able to see animals up close, but don't know what we'll do, probably something similar to what Lauren has said.

    I love seeing you and Wyatt in your matching coats. You make quite the cute pair! Oh...and the germs...that's part of my reason for so much hibernation lately. It seems everyone has these very intense illnesses lately and I don't want anything to do with that.

  10. That's all Alice and I did yesterday... to the mailbox and back and our mailbox isn't even outside but in our lobby. We did manage to get outside with a very quick walk to our library.

    I hvpave mixed feelings about zoos, too, but I know they are an inevitable part of growing up. I have fond memories of zoo outings with my mom when I was a kid! Sort of excited to do the same with Alice when she's just a wee bit older.

  11. That first photo is so funny. Love it. And you look lovely as usual. Don't worry, the hair is good. :) I cannot get my lazy butt out of the house into the cold much.