September 19, 2012

This Boy

This boy becomes more entertaining with each passing day. He is now quite the dancer, he points to the stereo to request music then claps and bounces and spins in circles until he wobbles with dizzies. He is working hard to learn how to jump, squatting down then throwing his arms and body up, but not quite able to get both legs off the ground. He's so pleased with himself yelling 'ump' with each effort, hysterical and adorable.

He can communicate surprisingly well with few words. He will take me by the hand, ooh-oohing as he leads me to a toy out of reach or a door left open. He uses his sign language constantly, more still topping the list and usually performed through tears as he begs for more singing at the library, more blueberries, more stories.

He does also speak, but mostly in his own made-up language. His favorite word is 'ah-dnn'. It's hard to write but it does somehow sound similar to balloon which is where it originated, (he has found new love for the once feared balloons). Ah-dnn has grown to mean anything truly wonderful, mostly those balloons and his favorite fruits.

He is trying hard to learn some real words, he's newly obsessed with the moon (mmmm) and stars (dahr) and searches the sky for them whenever we venture out, even in the daylight.

He can still be shy in new situations, but is growing much quicker to warm up. Instead of scowling suspiciously at new faces he now smiles and flirts with anyone who catches his glance.

His temper is also growing bolder. He gets mad as a hornet when it's time to clean up or leave the park which can be frustrating and embarrassing. He has learned how to throw tantrums and shakes his head 'no' at almost every request. Some days it's infuriating and other's it's just hard not to laugh.

He has impeccable balance, standing on a skateboard, chair, or the top of his rocking horse with no hands (no, he's not supposed to do that). I'm amazed by his skill and how few bonks and bruises he's gotten so far given what a monkey he is... (knocking very hard on wood!).

We are finally making some progress with holding hands and we can walk to the park, daddy grasping one hand and me with the other. He is so proud to get to walk along the sidewalk and chirps 'mama, dada, mama, dada' as we go.

It's beautiful and heart-wrenching to watch as he leaves behind the baby and  gets closer and closer to finishing up his second year. Every morning I hold him in my arms and it's as if he's grown overnight. I'm so very proud of the little boy he is becoming, serious and goofy all rolled into one. He truly sparkles and I'm grateful to share each day with him.


  1. Ah he is so blinking cute, I love his necklace/underpants combo :o) x

  2. Oh gosh - those beautiful big blue eyes.

    My son used to love the moon (mamoo)and stars (sssssst)when he was little - it was one of our favourite things to do of an evening....gazing up and pointing them all out. I love this stage.

    Nina x

  3. that is pure sweetness. now I'm missing all the baby days.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. I've enjoyed poking around your space here too, and I'll be back. I love your photography.

  4. This is a lovely tribute to your lovely boy. They grow so fast, it's nice to have these blogs to go back and remember. Because I'm terrible at baby books. Also, mad as a hornet is a great way to describe Rowan and her indignancies when I say, "no."

  5. This is so sweet. Made me well up with tears. You have captured it beautifully in photographs and thought.

  6. Such a beautiful boy and beautiful relationship the two of you share.

  7. What a sweetie! It's so cool to hear about all his progress as a small person. Isn't it amazing how much we learn, and how quickly we learn it? That someone who hasn't even been alive for two years can communicate so effectively? Mind blowing.

  8. His eyes are beautiful!

    It's amazing how quickly babies grow and what they learn in such a short amount of time. Thinking about just 2 months ago, I worked so hard to get Alice to smile and now she laughs and smiles and giggles with ease.

    I can't imagine how different she'll be a year from now!

  9. that is so sweet. babies do grow too fast. i'm glad you are enjoying the small moments.

  10. Super cute and growing so fast! :-)

  11. Hehe your little dare devil!

  12. He is so stinkin' cute! Beautiful eyes, that one.

    Also, it is so awesome when toddlers start to communicate... wait til he really starts talking! I am utterly astounded by the things my three-year-old says. It's scary how they don't miss a thing. And you have quite the acrobat on your hands, it sounds like!


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