September 18, 2012


community garden / november 2010

This picture was taken almost two years ago, I was nearly eight months pregnant and it was just a few days before I gave birth to Little Smith. We went for a long walk through the trails at our community garden, chatted and tried to enjoy what we knew would be some of our final moments as a family of two. I was so happy, but I also felt like an enormous whale!

I'm finally getting excited for this shift in seasons, looking forward to some soon-to-be rust colored leaves and some more long walks, now with less belly and more nutty toddler antics.


  1. Beautiful colors, and beautiful mama-to-be :) We took a couple walks over the weekend, and I can't wait for more walks this fall to enjoy the colors.

  2. My husband and I went walking A LOT near the end of my pregnancy trying to walk that baby outta me (I went 40 weeks + 6 days). Almost 6 months in, it's hard to remember being just a family of two.

    And seeing your pregnant belly (and looking at photos of mine) has me itching for another baby already. Is that normal?!?


    1. Too funny! I'm impressed by your baby rebound time, it must be all your sporty energy... you could definately handle it :) It wasn't until W was walking and leaving behind babyhood that I started thinking maybe I could do it again- I'm still not quite sure but that 'itch' is there ;)

  3. beautiful! you matched the season perfectly. :)

  4. What a beautiful photo! Fall is always my favorite season--I love everything about it! It's always crazy when you stop and think about how time flies!

  5. Fall is my absolute favorite! We're so looking forward to this phase of life - though currently soaking up our time as a family of two :) xoxo, eliza

  6. Lovely photo! Brings back memories of those beautiful times when I was expecting my babies. Difficult, sure, but an experience you can't duplicate in life.


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