August 24, 2012

Vineyard Beach Day

We had a short but sweet vacation to Martha's Vineyard last week-end. I used to go every year (since the age of seven) with my aunt and cousins, but in recent years I've skipped a few visits. Now that we have the little guy and we live so darn close, it's kind of too perfect not get out there. It was also a great excuse to get some more time with my cute three month old niece (my cousin's baby) who made the trip all the way from Chicago.

We went to the fair and stayed up way past our bedtime looking at animals and lights and rides, we ate well and barely napped, we watched boats and discovered the wonder of ping-pong in the rec room. On Saturday morning the three of us woke up early to loud thunder. We waited for a heavy but brief rain to pass and then walked all around exploring while the whole town seemed to be sleeping.

Sunday dark clouds threatened more rain but we all headed to the beach anyway and it was actually the best beach day ever. When we first arrived almost no one was there, that's unheard of because the one downside of the Vineyard is the crowds. There are a lot of people vacationing on that not-big-enough island. Big Smith dove into the ocean right away, I dipped a toe in and it was so cold! The clouds gave way to some sun, more people showed up, Little Smith marveled at low flying bi-planes that kept circling overhead, everyone took a swim... except for me. Yes I am more chicken of cold water than a three month old baby, but at least I was comfortable on the ride home.

Little Smith got over his fear of waves and he really loved standing at the water's edge and letting his feet sink deeper and deeper into the sand. He can be a cautious toddler (which I am often grateful for), but it was fun to watch him be bold and test his limits a little.

It was kind of a perfect trip, with only a few mini-dramas which mostly involved keys... lost keys to the room, lost keys to the car (as it turns out if anything seems to be lost empty Big Smith's pockets a third time and you'll probably find it... I love that man but he seriously could misplace a refrigerator). So now we are home and despite tonight's heat, summer is fading into fall. I'm trying to convince myself that I'm ready!


  1. Sounds so nice and the beach pics are lovely! :-)

  2. Nothins better than carnivals, beaches and staying up late. These pictures are great =)

    - Sarah

  3. Wonderful pictures, and your descriptions are just great. I feel like I'm there... I wish I WERE there!

  4. Oh emm gee. Tiny Bruins hat. Too cute.

  5. That sounds so lovely. Wonderful photos too. I think maybe we tolerate cold water less as we get older. I could stay in the lake for hours as a kid. Not so much now. :)

  6. oooooh the little flour sack bellies! best displayed in swim wear for sure. so glad you guys had a great time. the vineyard is such a special place and i'm always jealous of your folks (craig included) that have vacationed or lived there throughout their life. it's funny...for such a tiny island i know so many people who have called it home or their summer spot! maybe you're on to something saying that it seems to get more and more crowded every year!

  7. My husband is a fan of cargo shorts, & we are continually losing things in the numerous pockets-- his pants are like Mary Poppin's carpetbag lol~*
    Looks like a lovely time had by all!