August 27, 2012

Fall Back

I'm still wearing my summer sandals, but I can feel the seasons shifting. Night's are a little cooler, everything looks a little less green. My mother always felt sad in the fall, the end of summer gardens and hollow bird calls preparing for the winter ahead. It's bitter sweet for me, of course apple pies and rust colored leaves and pumpkins galore are heaven, but it's hard to say goodbye to another season and another year.

When I was in school I always had a lot of nervous anticipation around this time; leaving behind  bare feet and long days for new classes and text books and friends. When I started at my first real job out of college at a big architectural firm, someone asked me 'are you here for the summer?' and I stammered back with 'no... I'm um...staying...', he laughed and offered 'staying forever?'. I said yes, but the thought of committing to the same place day after day without that fresh start each fall was terrifying. I immediately applied to graduate school.

Once I settled into a job that I really loved I realized that it wasn't really as frightening as I had thought, but I did miss a clear marker of time. Years slipped by and it was hard to separate where one ended and the next began.

Now that I have a small child, the passage of time has never been more clearly documented. He isn't in school yet, but he is growing and changing so quickly that I look at these pictures above from less than a year ago and think, really? It seems as though he's been toddling at my heals forever but he wasn't even walking last year at this time. Each season brings a completely new set of adventures and lessons and it's exciting and frightening all at once.

I'm getting ready for those apple pies, heavy socks, and cozy fires. I'm thinking about projects with leaves (hoping Lauren keeps the inspiration rolling) and looking forward to my favorite Shipyard Pumpkin Ale. First I just have to eat a few more tomatoes.

*more pictures from this day originally posted here


  1. I'm trying to wrap my head around the fact that I'll have to wear socks soon... I don't want to! :-/

    Great pics!

  2. I remember when you posted some of these pictures... and it's not just you, it does feel like yesterday! But I am actually really looking forward to fall. October is my all-time favorite month and it makes me literally giddy just to think about it. Bring on the socks! :)

  3. Wellll, you know how I feel about fall, so I won't repeat myself. Yes I will! I LOVE Fall!! It is so true about the seasons being clearly documented once you have children. I love these pictures- you look gorgeous as always, and it's fun to see Little Smith a little littler.

  4. Living in Dallas where the summers are so blazing hot I always welcome fall with open arms. Of course, it doesn't really get here until October so we still have a bit of summer left. :)

    I did this the other day looking at pictures of Andrew from last summer, and I was so SAD. He was so cute and adorable and he didn't argue with me all the time. I think maybe this means we're not in my favorite parenting stage so far. But, you're so right. Having small kids means very clear lines with the passage of time. It's so bittersweet.

  5. I love fall too! Living somewhere were there are clear differences between seasons is bliss~*

  6. I don't like fall, not my season, and I don't like winter either... I was born in the middle of the summer, and I love sun colors, and all the fruits and vegetables bounty... Each fall I too feel sad, thinking of when spring will arrive...
    Lovely photos, he is just so adorable. Love your boots! :)

  7. when i first looked at the photos i was like, 'um little smith looks smaller' haha and then i read your post and it all made sense! those photos are beautiful...and at least with the passage of time you are documenting it all so beautifully with such great photos. :)

  8. i'm definitely going to miss the hot summers we get in winnipeg, canada. but fall is kind of fun too.
    so glad you found me, btw! my husband is an architect too! x


  9. Have just found your blog! These images are stunning and you are the CUTEST family!
    I cannot WAIT for fall, so thanks for getting me in the mood. I'm practically melting in Denver this week.

    the Reverie blog

  10. Ahhhh when autumn leaves start to fall....such a brilliant song and such a brilliant time of the year. I woke up this morning and the air seems crisper, I LOVE autumn and can't wait to get my boots and socks back on again. Lovely pictures, especially the laughing one on Dad's shoulders....lovely blog. xxx

  11. Summer is my favorite season, but fall is a close second. I grew up in Georgia, where Fall didn't get much recognition. Now in MN I've learned the beauty of apple crisp, cider, orchards.. And staying home with the kids helps. When I was working full time I didn't notice the seasons as much!

  12. I'm very much like your mom. It's so very difficult for me to bid adieu to the warm months. And, I couldn't agree more with what you wrote about the passage of time with a little one(s). They sure have a way of brightening the days, the seasons, making us so fully aware of how precious time is.