May 17, 2012


I don't check the weather reports. It's not a firm commitment, if I'm going on a camping trip I'm not too stubborn to see if I might need that extra tarp,  but day to day I prefer to gamble and let it all unfold. Big Smith is the opposite, obsessed with the weather. He usually gives me the cliff notes each morning, get outside today it's going to be beautiful... bundle up, there's a cold front coming in...

The funny thing is that he's usually inside all day and works such long hours that he often doesn't know first hand if his weather predictions came true. He'll look through my photos, surprised that it was nice enough to go to the park or so chilly we needed the big coats. Of course I am grateful for his hard work and also for this time at home with my little guy. One of the many upsides is that I'm much more connected to the outdoors. I used to spend most of my days in a temperature controlled loft space with the shades drawn to prevent computer glare. It was a wonderful job and there is much that I miss, but the daily blackout from the natural environment is one thing I have gladly left behind.

After a couple of weeks heavy on rain, days of being cooped up inside and driving everywhere, I was determined to do a few errands on foot; the post office, the bank... but clouds were looming all morning. I finally decided it was time to make our move and (as if it was a practical joke!) the moment we set out the raindrops started falling. We retreated just in time before the heavy downpour hit. Little Smith stood at his favorite perch by an open window, watching the spectacle and getting a little wet.

The storm lasted a few minutes and then, just as suddenly the sun broke through, turning every raindrop into a glistening bead of light. Little Smith was delighted, it was a small but special moment. We got our errands done and splashed in a few puddles along the way, and when Big Smith got home he looked at these pictures and asked, did it rain? 


  1. Cute pictures of W!! I agree, after becoming a sahm, I've spent more time outdoors than I have since childhood. And you can't complain about that!

  2. With Kellen working in the news, the weather is pretty much the first thing I hear from him in the morning. Ha! I am also never the type to check before heading out, so it's probably good we ended up with the guys that we did!

    It's so enjoyable to be able to get out with the little one and be productive on foot! I wish our neighborhood was more walkable, but we try to take advantage of what we can and the baby and the dog just can't get enough of the outdoors!

    Beautiful photos (as always).

  3. I love this set of pictures- especially the fourth one down of W. You have such a talent catching the whole story with just photos.

    I am obsessed with the weather and often check it twice a day (!). You guys can't seem to catch a break with your weather there in Boston! Come visit us- it's been gorgeous.


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