April 23, 2012

This Boy

This baby boy is spinning my head with how fast he is learning, growing, and changing everyday. Every month since he was born I have found myself thinking, "it can't get any better than this... I wish I could freeze time so that I could enjoy him like this forever". Then he grows older and somehow it just keeps getting better.

He can be very serious, when he goes to his toddler class he usually hangs back and observes quietly or finds a new toy to puzzle over on his own. I see a lot of his "dada" in him. He loves a project like digging in the sandbox or sorting blocks. He'll sit patiently entertaining himself by moving cubes from one container to another and then suddenly he'll become frustrated (when he can't make the pieces fit) and will hurl the whole box across the room with an angry squeal. He does have a little temper.

I also see some of myself in him. He notices the details; a grain of dried rice wedged between two floorboards, a small stain on my shirt, one wilted leaf on a flower's stem. He can spot both "dahs" and "dawls" (dogs and balls) from miles away and always shouts and points when he sees them.

He loves to stand at the window and watch the cars drive by. Rush hour is his favorite time of day and he will climb up and down his little stool tapping on the window's glass and chattering to himself, "caar... vroom vroom... dada... the caaar". Dada only takes his car to work occasionally but watching him pull out of the driveway has apparently made a strong impression and "dada... the car... vroom" is his favorite expression.

He is obsessed with cars but anything with a wheel counts and will be enthusiastically identified as "the car!"; strollers, shopping carts, wheel barrels, bikes, skateboards, and wheelchairs all qualify. 

He is terrified by balloons and will burst into a deep cry if he gets too close to one. He looks at them recoiling with shock and confusion, almost as though he feels they are moving in a way that isn't quite natural. He also gives this look to moving and talking toys, bumblebees, and sometimes babies... but without the tears reserved solely for balloons.

At home he is not serious, he is silly and cracks himself (and anyone watching) up all the time. He dances, bending his knees and almost sitting on the ground and bobbing his head. He loves all music but especially a bouncy beat like reggae and motown. He walks around in dizzy circles laughing at the sound of his own footsteps and chases the cat everywhere she goes.

And he is so sweet and affectionate; running to my lap with a book, gently tracing my eyebrow with his little clammy fingers and giving lots of hugs. I love him more and more everyday and that sounds both impossible and corny but it is so very true.

I wish I could freeze time so that I could enjoy him like this forever. 


  1. This post makes me excited for things to come!

  2. such beautiful pictures.

    i know that feeling of wanting to pause time. but then as they grown and change, i'd never want to go back to an earlier stage.


  3. This is so sweet. I love how you're documenting all these small moments because in just one year, you're going to look at them and not believe how small he was.

    In the very first picture, is that a tiny curl on his head? Or the beginnings of a self-inflicted baby dreadlock? Audrey is a crazy sleeper and always wakes up with little bird nest tangles in her hair. When she was very small, she would rub her head around so much that actual dreadlocks formed.

    1. Yes it's both a curl and a recurring dreadlock! It's a constant tangle in that spot and usually sticks straight out... for a kid with so little hair he finds a way to tie it in knots :)

  4. So touching! The bond between mama and son is so strong- especially the first-born. I swear, sometimes I look at my four-year-old and just cannot believe how big, independent, smart, etc. he is. Those first ones pave the way for their siblings and I am always most amazed by the things I couldn't anticipate.

    I love to hear about W's little quirks and preferences. Poor guy with the balloons! Maybe it is because he was startled by one popping? I remember being terrified of balloons b/c I thought one would pop and I hated not knowing when/if it would happen! He is beautiful, Lilly. Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is such a precious post. Enjoy every moment with your adorable boy.

  6. So so sweet...*sigh*...I know how you feel!


  7. Oh, I love this. These photos are absolutely beautiful. His little smiling face, oh just so sweet.

  8. I totally agree with Lauren. The first born has a bond that goes unmatched. It's such a magical time. I look back on the couple years where it was just us & Arlo and I see it as some of the best times we've had. Enjoy that sweet face. It's almost unfair how quickly it turn into a boy.


  9. Very sweet post. And he's such a cutie!