April 30, 2012

Details A4.03

plants + sea-glass spring quiet afternoon blue eyes hallway clean-up dried daffodils not ready for bed

Now that May is just about here I am feeling a little behind with everything. We had so many hot days earlier in the month and such a mild winter that I have no excuse... but even so the spring has snuck up on me and I'm not quite prepared. I'm behind with the garden, with the class I'm teaching, with making plans for camping trips with friends and sending gifts to several loved ones. I'm trying not to get overwhelmed; to make lists and do as much as I can each day and just see what unfolds.

This is a wonderful season in new england and it's a joy to watch Little Smith discover the leaves on the trees and the flowers in bloom. He's so aware of his environment these days and after a rough start with and a few tortured flowers, he is finally learning to be gentle and touch with 'one finger'. I have lots of plans for a busy week but we'll also be trying to take some time to touch the flowers!


  1. Your little man has the most beautiful eyes!

  2. Ah, the one finger touch. How I'm trying to get Gus to master that! Luckily he's kept his hands to himself at the garden but I'm so nervous he's just waiting until the plants are big and strong to uproot them while I'm not looking. Good luck getting caught up with everything! I also feel like I've somehow fallen behind with the garden even though we just got in a few weeks ago. I'm sure we're both just being too hard on ourselves though. Again, good luck!

  3. Funny, I am feeling that way too. More about the house than the outside, but still. Making lists today and considering vacuuming and dusting and organizing spring clothes, but not feeling motivated to do any of it.

    I LOVE your red sandals! So cute! Also, W's face. He is a doll. Looking more and more like a big boy suddenly!

  4. I am the same way!!! I haven't done anything productive lately!! I need some motivation!!

    Love your sandals!!

    And your baby boy has the best looking eyes I've ever seen!

  5. OMG, that picture Not ready for bed is perfect! I just love-love-love it! :)

  6. Oh, Little Smith's eyes just kill me. So beautiful! I'm right there with ya, feeling behind as well. I'm beginning to think that it's just a part of mothering a small child (or maybe that's just my excuse. Ha!). Don't worry too much. It will all come in time, mama! <3

  7. This reminds me of my (almost 1) little boy! I got flowers for my birthday and he was so excited by them that he squeezed one in his fist. I am constantly reminding him to be gentle. We're in the Boston area too! (P.S. got to your blog from Tara's...love it!)

  8. For a while we had the same cuttings as the ones in your first photo - taken from my parents yard a while back - but alas, they didn't make it. Keeping up with my plants these days is a challenge!

    We have a sticky note on a kitchen cabinet: 'Peace. One moment at a time.' I try hard to keep this in mind but I'm not always successful! ;)