March 31, 2012

March Photo A Day: four and a half

22kitchen sink 23moon 24an animal 25breakfast 26key 27your name 28trash 29feet 30toy 31where you relax
Here are the last of my "March Photo a Day" images just under the wire. I started off strong but I have to confess that as the weeks went on, I didn't keep up. I had a loose sense of each of the topics in my head and every once in a while I would see a sink full of dishes or the cat stretched out on the floor and remember I needed that for this collection, but almost none of them were taken on the actual day intended. "March in 31 Photos" would be a better title for mine.
It was a fun little challenge and initially I enjoyed having an assignment, a word of phrase I needed to capture in a given day. However taking direction has never really been a strength of mine, and I'm presumptuous enough that I started trying to improve the project (or make it worse more likely!)... why can't they all just be a single word? do we really need 'an animal'- just 'animal' is stronger... 'relax' wouldn't be as limiting as 'where you relax'... Then I kept having the impulse to turn it into a puzzle... I'm sure I can get a picture of toy key's that includes feet and some breakfast so that's four off the list... not so much the point!
So yeah, I think I'm done with "Photo a Days" for a bit. Generally capturing details of daily life each week seems to be more fun for me. Still, I love looking at everyone else's daily photos and seeing how so many different people interpret the same subject- it's a marvelous idea!


  1. I enjoyed all of your March photos. You always have such great perspective!

  2. Nice pictures! Your cat looks so comfortable haha(:

  3. I too enjoyed this project. I feel like it gave me glimpses into your everyday life that I would't have seen otherwise. So, thanks for sharing! Also, I love your bathroom tiles! Someday we need to re-do our ancient bathroom...

  4. I really enjoyed all of your March Photo-A-Day photos! They are such great little glimpses into your day to day. I'm just a little too disorganized to actually complete one of these projects, but I so love it when others do. Ha!


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