March 29, 2012

Details A3.03

A few images from my mom's last week that I want to savour. It was such warm weather and Little S got to be a boy (not a baby) in the great outdoors for the first time. He took to it like a fish in water. I wish I had (in focus) pictures of him with my mom's big black lab, Blue. They made the most hilarious pair, bonding over their mutual obsession affection for "balls".

Getting a picture of my mother is a true score. She can't stand being in any pictures and I have very few. She would not be pleased to have her likeness featured here, but since computers don't exist to her (or cell phones even), I think I'm safe.

We're back to more typical temperatures for late March here, cold. I can't believe I had on sandals just a few days ago... but I'm looking forward to getting them out again soon. More spring please!


  1. Your mom is a beauty, and her home looks so fun!

  2. I don't know what it is about puffy vests on very tiny kids, but they slay me. He looks so very cute in one.

  3. What fun! I love the picture of the sparrow on the lantern. Did it make a nest in there? Also, Wyatt's eyes are so so beautiful. And your hair is killing me. Ponytail perfection.

  4. You can tell your mom, that bloggers just love having her pictures here.She is a graceful lady with a beautiful smile...

  5. The warmth and homey-ness definitely translate through these photos! Glad you had such a good weekend with your mom. Watching tiny kids and dogs has become my new favorite pastime, adorable and hilarious.

    1. Looks like a great little escape . And, your mom is beautiful. Seems Wyatt resembles her in some way?
      Also, Blue is the very best name for a dog. So tell her we all think she's mighty cool for multiple reasons ;)


  6. Such a lovely picture of your mom. I think she'd be happy. ;)