February 28, 2012

Snapshot: 6

backyard stream / summer circa 1988

Happy times with my childhood best friend. I wish we'd been able to remain close, but the bond we have will always be deep. (I'm on the right... in my favorite jazz pants!)

The photo is by her father who always shot with slide film and treated us all to many slideshows. I guess those days are over, Power Point?


  1. Great photo. For some odd reason I have this tingling in my chest... Memories, I guess...

  2. oh my gosh! what an awesome photo! seriously cool. and did you say backyard stream? whoever has that stream, or any stream for that matter, in their backyard is super lucky!

    1. thanks so much- that was the stream in both of our back yards (we were neighbors) and yes, I am so so lucky to have grown up in such a beautiful place!

  3. Oh, what a great picture! You were a beautiful little girl!

    This so reminds me of my childhood. We had a stream down the street from our house growing up, and I spent nearly every waking moment running round barefoot in it, catching minnows and crayfish, painting my legs with the clay, etc. It was the best childhood! You look quite happy as well!

  4. What a beautiful picture and you are so beautiful! I instantly knew which one was you! Oh friendship!

  5. Love the retro friend pictures. I am *lucky* to still be close with my 3 friends that go back to kindergarten!

  6. What a sweet picture!! You haven't changed much. :) I would have loved to have a stream in my backyard as a kid!!

  7. Great photo! It's instantly evident which kid is you. You look just the same! And man, what a beautiful place to grow up!