February 2, 2012

Hair Tails

fall 1979 : best hairstyle i've ever sported

When it comes to hair I have always had zero flair. Looking at my baby picture above, before my hair grew long, it actually looks cute and put together. It went downhill fast from there and never recovered. I have a ton of hair and from the moment it was able to be tied up in a rubber band, that's pretty much where it's been...

this is more like it, the messy pony-bun that i've worn for three decades

I'm just clueless with hair and I've been stuck in an epic rut of ponytails that I kind of want to escape from. I did experiment a bit over the years, I chopped it all off after college which didn't look nearly as cute as when I was a baby and mercifully few photos survived. I tried bangs for a while.

 camping and bangs do not mix

Big Smith loved the bangs and always wants me to bring them back. It was fun that I could wear my standard ponytail or bun and still look semi-put-together if I just hit those bangs with a blowdrier, but bangs and I had a few issues... We do tons of outdoor stuff and hair on your forehead in the heat of the summer when you don't have access to showers for a couple weeks is not so nice. I have no ability to trim my own so it was expensive and annoying to maintain. They seemed to get heavier and heavier over time. My hair has curl so in the humidity they would flip in weird ways...

Still I am debating going for bangs again. I don't know what else to try. I can't go to short hair because I'm too lazy to deal with it. I NEED the ponytail option. How did everyone else learn to style their hair and what happened to me? I see romantic waves and cool braids and all of these inspiring looks that I would love to wear, but when I attempt so much as a braid it's a disaster. Was this something my mother was supposed to teach me or some girl bonding that I missed in college?

a ponytail for all seasons

I want to feel pretty and young(ish) instead of always looking like a make-over-in-waiting. I'm ready for some kind of change... but not quite willing to step too far outside my comfort zone. Old habits are tough to kick.


  1. I love your hair. And you looked amazing with bangs! Do it! That way, you can still keep your long beautiful wavy hair and if you go camping/hiking, just bring a wrap or cotton headband to keep them off your forehead.

    Either way, you are so lucky to have such beautiful thick hair. Mine is baby fine and so I cannot grow it too long or it looks stringy. I am so envious. Go with the bangs, they suit you!

  2. I'm stuck in the 30 year ponytail rut too. I have a cowlick in front though, so I can't get bangs. I'm thinking about getting long layers.

  3. I like the bangs, too. I have bangs and in summer/heat, I just pin them back away from my face. My hair is also thick and wavy, so I know how beastly it can get in humidity! I taught myself braids and whatnot through practice, practice, practice.

  4. i think bangs are an easy change. of course, i cut my own, so that does make the keep up convenient. maybe just try wearing it down more. your hair is really pretty. sometimes you just get so used to styling it one way that you get stuck in a rut. i say longer bangs (so you can pin them to the side during outdoor adventures)and wear it down more often.

    ps-i love all the photos! such cute mocs in that first one!

  5. You look amazing, and I think bangs look great on you!! You should give them a try again. If you are camping you could wear a headband or bobby pin them back? I was in a hair rut when the new year started, so I went ombre! That is something you could do if you dont want to go for an extreme change.


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