February 16, 2012

Fun Little Things: Pyrex

Since I don't have a microwave plastic tupperware has become my worst enemy! I cook in a pan or pot, then I have to repackage all of the leftovers into plastic for the fridge, and then when I want to eat them I need to take them all back out and put them into an oven-safe dish to re-heat. Add to that all of the concerns about BPA, the staining from tomato sauce, curry, or saffron, and reminding Big Smith for the four hundredth time to only load tupperware on the top rack of the dishwasher (why is that so hard?)... and plastic and I have officially decided to break up.

We use glass-lock to package things that will need to be carried because the lids lock, but even those aren't oven-safe. For all of the leftovers that are just making the journey from table- to fridge- to oven (which is the majority here) my go-to containers are Pyrex. They're safe for the oven, fridge, and even freezer and I honestly don't know why they aren't more popular as everday work-horses as opposed to collectibles.

All of my pyrex is vintage, both because it's fun to hunt for and because I haven't been able to find any new models with the same variety of sizes or with lids. I know nothing about the art of collecting vintage Pyrex so I just scoop it up at yard sales and thrift stores when I see what I like or a size I need. The vintage one's are also such great colors and while many patterns have become highly collectible (and pricey) I still found most of my dishes for a few dollars. It's actually been cheaper than the new stuff and fun that each one has a story. Once I read this I was even happier that all of our's are from the '60s and '70s. I guess use caution if you've got newer Pyrex!

I tend to prefer some of the less sought after colors so I think that also keeps them in my budget. My absolute favorite are the green refrigerator dishes (above) which come in different sizes and are perfect for storing Little Smith's cubed roasted veggies and snacks.

These little sunflower printed casseroles (above) are also a great size for leftover mashes and rice dishes. Plus how can you not smile looking at these happy flowers? Anything that makes everday chores more fun quickly becomes a favorite for me.

I love how practical, pretty, and affordable all of these "leftover dishes" are and when the kitchen is a total mess (often) and everything is spread out all over the counter... it's actually kind of lovely. So much nicer to have these colorful little guys than a bunch of stained and scratched tupperware. I'll be adding to my little collection and never looking back to plastic!


  1. what a beautiful collection you have! Those with lids are the hardest to find around here (in eastern PA), since I think they are probably the first to break. But I have a little collection which I treasure ~ so much prettier than plastic. I always have one eye out for more at the thrift shops. :)

  2. Wow, you have a great variety of sizes there! I have a similar colored set that are vintage hand-me-downs from my mom, and I LOVE them, too. Pyrex is wonderful stuff, and I too avoid storing food in plastic.

  3. Another reason to only use vintage pyrex: the newer ones have been known to explode in the oven or when taken out of the oven & when cool liquids are added (the newer pyrex supposedly isn't as well made and cannot take extreme temperature changes, but the older ones do not have this problem). Google exploding pyrex, really scary!

    1. I did see that on GirlsGoneChild- crazy! I have to admit we still do use our glass baking dishes but with caution.

  4. Beautiful photos! It's always nice when you make a mess to at least make a beautiful one! :) I adore how fun looking these vintage pyrex containers are and I absolutely love the colors that you have. What a great little collection! I have been seriously considering making the switch from plastic and I think I am now officially converted.

  5. I agree. Glass is best. I have all my mom's old pyrex. Want to collect more but it is getting harder to find at reasonable prices these days. Like you said, yard sales and thrifting are the best sources. Love the little guy in the background. That's what we do it all for.

  6. Your vintage pyrex is so lovely! I am always on the lookout for pretty pyrex like that. Gorgeous!

  7. That's a really good idea about storing leftovers so you can easily reheat them without making more dirty dishes! I'll have to be on the lookout for more Pyrex containers... I have a set of the old mixing bowls that I absolutely love. You really can't beat those things, and they're so pretty!

  8. My mom still has her sunflower Pyrex dishes which I love - I joke and tell her to put them in her will for me! Haha! I've started to be on the look-out for some of my own too. ;)