February 8, 2012

A Bit of Green

This winter has been very mild, even here in New England where we can usually count on months of snow, ice and gray skies. I've mentioned that I love the snow but I have been doing my best to enjoy this winter for what it is. It is a pleasure to take a walk without fear of slipping or ploughing through crusty ice drifts. A strange side effect of this weather though has been that I'm yearning for spring. I'm tired of looking at brown and yellow wet grass and bare trees... if we can't have snow then can we fast forward to some green? Frankly I've been in a bit of a funk.

There's nothing better than walking into a green house in the middle of winter. It's like a seasonal time machine and the moist air and shiny leaves always lifts my spirits instantly. When I was in college we had a wonderful green house that no one ever visited, it was my secret hide away to go and sketch or just breathe in the dead of winter.

I decided we needed to add a bit of green to brighten up our day, so late in the afternoon when I'm usually cooking and prepping for dinner, I took Little Smith on a spontaneous trip to our local plant nursery. He loved the tall potted palms and the little water features... he also loved torturing orchids, so we made the visit short and picked out a couple of ferns to call our own.

It was such a pleasure to dig in the dirt... winter style! We repotted our new friends and swept up as the sun went down and then ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner.

It was exactly what I needed. These guys should tide us over while we wait for spring.


  1. I have the opposite of a green thumb. Luckily we're in LA and the weather is nothing close to winter here. Though I too am longing for the newness that Spring brings.

  2. =(. The winter funk. I know that too well. UGH. It isn't even cold here.

    Your floors are very pretty. I think you should post a house tour (apartment therapy style :))

    1. Thanks, I'm working on taking pictures room-by-room but it's tough to find the time in the daylight. Nursery should be coming soon!

  3. I love the plants you picked! I like to have plants inside, but I kill them EVERY time. Literally.

  4. I couldn't agree more. Plants make everything more cheerful. Nice work! I also love the pot you chose to put them in!

  5. Oh, I miss house plants! They really brighten up even the whitest of winters! Unfortunately our cat loves to destroy all things green and leafy, so I'll have to live in envy. Love the planter you chose!