January 4, 2012

Mini Veggie Burgers

I make my own veggie burgers a lot. They're much cheaper than the store bought variety and I can make a whole bunch and freeze them for a quick and hearty lunch. I have many favorite recipes and I do experiment with several of my own but tonight I was t-i-r-e-d beyond belief so I stuck with one I love from Moosewood. The mushrooms make these so tastey. I was pretty faithful to their recipe (just added some more spices) but here is my BIG twist... are you ready?... I make some "mini" size burgers just for Little Smith before I add the hot spices.
see one is big and one is small :)

Little Smith is still too "little" for the novelty of the mini-burger to actually impress him and he would be just as happy if I cut up bigger ones. Still it puts a smile on my face and that counts for something. Especially since Big Smith gets home so late that I always have to do dinner twice - might as well make it fun!

Little Smith chowing down mini-burger at 5:15PM

Big Smith ready to chow big-burger at later-PM

And of course I had to eat some with both my guys... someone has to keep them company- am I right?! 


  1. Moosewood always has such great recipes! I have yet to try this one, but a good black bean burger is hard to beat!

  2. This post has made me hungry. Those veggie burgers look delicious!!