January 1, 2012

Cross My Heart

my boys in 2012

Happy New Year! Our festivities could have been more... um... festive, but it was relaxing and the important thing is that a brand new year is upon us. I'm always ambitious with my resolutions- managing expectations is no fun. Here's what I'm going to do in 2012... really, I am!
  •  Experiment again more with new recipes
  •  Spend less money on groceries (oh how I love you Whole Foods)
  •  Argue less over little stuff
  •  Sleep more (which will make us want to argue less over little stuff)
  •  Learn to sew!!
  •  Complete more of the knitting projects that I start
  •  Make my bed each day
  •  Not let laundry get backed up
  •  Complete design projects and photograph house tour
  •  Print more photos (Big S's pin-hole projects and also just snap-shots)
  •  Finally get one crop of winter veggies to grow
  •  Make raised cedar beds for the garden (and a gate?)
  •  Make more  time for romance- love to love romance :)
  •  Work on my blog and make it something I'm proud of!
So there you have it. A little of everything I'd like to improve on in the coming year. Yay for 2012!

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