December 29, 2011

White New Year

home again home again!

Howdy! We're freshly back from our first leg of holiday traveling and can I just say... it is divine to be home!! There were mostly highs (with the occasion low) to our trip but nothing beats sleeping in your own bed and NOT in the same room with a restless baby. Little Smith slept from 6:30 last night until 7:15 this morning so I think he was craving some time at home too. Sadly his best bud "the cat" is still at Granny's until next week. He's been looking all over for her which is funny/ sweet/ a little sad.

Now we're trying to make New Year's plans. I love NYE as it's always low key and a welcome break from holiday schlepping. This year most of our friends are away and we don't want to pay for a baby-sitter (actually Little Smith hasn't had a baby-sitter yet so I don't think New Year's is the time to test it!) so we're thinking take-out and soy egg-nog cocktails- yay :)

So I know some who are enjoying this warm winter will disagree but the one thing missing from the festivities is the snoooow.

all bundled up with no snow to roll in

We love snow in this house. I am a snowboarder and Big Smith is the world's most enthusiastic skier and it's kind of been a bummer that we don't have a flake in sight. We were hoping to have our first day on the mountain at Granny's since she's right by a small ski area but half the trails were bald and it didn't seem worth the expense. Last year we were buried in white stuff but we'd just had a baby so we only went a handful of times- although we did start when LS was just 7 weeks old and traded off sitting with him in a sling in the lodge. He was so tiny and cute and all we could talk about was how awesome it would be when he could finally play in the snow... So here's hoping that it comes early in 2012 and he can learn to love it as much as we do. If nothing else a love of the snow is great for irritating co-workers who have daily complaints about New England weather!

ready... set... snow

I'm looking forward to getting back to posting. I have lots on my mind.

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