December 20, 2011

Home For Our Holiday

This past Sunday we celebrated Christmas in our little household. Early yes, but since for better or for worse we'll be traveling around the entire Northeast for the next week plus... we wanted to enjoy a lazy morning with just the three of us (plus kitty) under our very own tree.

We got the tree on Saturday. I had hoped we'd be able to select it as a family but Little Smith was sleeping in the car so instead I ran out and made the selection in the freezing cold and then Big Smith loaded it onto our car. We set it up at night once the kid was already asleep and arranged our presents under the tree so that when he woke up there would be a full Christmas transformation. He was pretty stunned by the tree and the lights!

We decided to keep it simple with the gifts this year since it all can be pretty overwhelming. We had picked up the wood "rocking moose" on our recent trip(s) to Ikea. It's actually really well made and I'm a big moose fan so it seemed perfect.

We got a few new books from his favorite author... yes he already knows what he likes!

The biggest hit was totally free, we've been saving all of our cardboard tubes from paper towels and tin-foil and we bundled them up and put them in a box. LS was obsessed!

His last gift was a box full of balls... some of them were ones he already had but we thought the more the merrier and he didn't know the difference!

It was really a wonderful and relaxing morning. Of course there were mini dramas (LS sliding off the side of the new rocking moose onto his head and the lively discussion between Big Smith and I that followed) but over-all it was happily uneventful. I wish there was a little more opportunity for these laid-back holiday events.

But now it's on to prepping for all of our travels and trying to assemble gifts (20 in my family alone) as well as food for the kid and figure out a few decent outfits for myself. I'm tired just thinking about it but we're lucky to be loved by so many and we actually did get a bit of exciting news yesterday from my cousin/ best friend who is 21 weeks pregnant... she's having a girl! Little Smith promises to let her in on all of his adventures even though she'll be a she and I'm looking forward to seeing the bump in person. Hopefully I will get out a few more posts before we leave including one on apple butter since I finally made a not-too-sweet version!


  1. That first picture of him with the balls!!! I just want to squeeze him!

    Good luck with all your trip-prep, and safe travels!

  2. The idea of gifting paper towel holders and existing balls made me laugh ... I had to share it with my husband. Brilliant! I'm sort of tempted to put stuff that I already have in a box and regifting it to myself just to make me appreciate it all over again.