January 6, 2015

Eve and Day

It has become our tradition (and I am crossing my fingers and toes that it stays this way for a good while) to spend Christmas Eve and Day at home as our own little family, regardless of how much travel and visiting we pull off on either end. We love seeing everyone of course, but there is something delightfully lazy about waking up in your own home and wearing pajamas all day (or in the case of the kids, several changes of pajamas).

James was working during the day on Christmas Eve, and so the kids and I toiled away creating some holiday merriment. We baked Santa cookies, strung cranberries, plucked off mushroom stems, and made dough for our squash galette. We settled on a coconut cake for dessert, and I pulled off my first attempt at 7 minute frosting without an electric hand-beater. I was definitely more impressed with my own success than anyone else at the table. 

By the time the children were nestled and we finally started assembling and wrapping all the treasures for under the tree, it hit us that we had probably enjoyed a little too much champagne and left a lot too much for the last minute. It was a late night followed by an early morning, but also pretty fun.

I really believe in the 'less is more' motto with gifts, but this was the Christmas where that kind of went out the window. It's a little embarrassing, but Little Smith was so loopy excited and has reached the age where he completely understands the whole concept, and Roo is so dolly crazed, it was just such a joy to pick things out and imagine them under the tree. 

Discovering the existence of 'superheroes' in general and Superman in particular mere weeks before the holiday made for a big departure from our general character-free theme. Little Smith's one request from Santa was a real Superman cape, and when he discovered the last little package hidden in the corner and opened it to find his cape... it was a true Christmas miracle. He has been wearing that cape non stop ever since. When people ask if he's Superman, he is quick to correct them, 'No. I don't have any powers yet, but when I grow up I going to be Superman'. Makes sense, right?

It was a very merry Christmas, for certain. Truthfully, I'm always not-so-secretly excited to get the tree down, the needles swept, and try to find a home for all the new stuff. I love the start of a new year, 2014 was good to us and hopefully 2015 will be even more divine. To a fresh new year!


  1. Lovely! There was definitely some nearly-inebriated wrapping and arranging on Christmas Eve at our house. That acorn cookie is so good lookin'. Happy New Year!

  2. That galette looks incredible and all your pictures are beautiful! Looks like lots of fun with the kiddos. We finally in the last couple of years learned to wrap the presents ahead of time so we don't have to do it after guests leave on Christmas Eve! I would love to stay in my pjs on Christmas Day - sounds divine! Happy New Year!

  3. I agree — I think I need the recipe for that squash galette if you don't mind sharing! Pretty please!

    Also, our boys have that same rocket ship! It's pretty great! And please, watching R push that stroller and baby around your house is going to be the cutest thing ever.

    1. The squash galette is very loosely adapted from Smitten Kitchen. It's was really good and the dough was one of the better I have tried for galettes. Mark Bittman's was no bueno ;)

  4. Ruby's stroller is kind of amazing - lucky girl! And I think you are a rock star for not only making so many delicious treats with two under feet, but for committing to staying home during christmas eve and day. We have worked each year to keep simplifying things and I'm inspired by you to keep up with it and to do what's best for our own little family. Looks like a lovely day...even if the parents might have been a little underslept. :)

  5. We have people over Christmas eve, but Christmas day is for jammies and presents-- and the tree doesn't get less crowded as the kids get older, trust me lol