August 4, 2014

The Stand

Our baby's birthday was Sunday, and she is now officially over the first year mark. We had a packed week-end of camping and family fun up in New Hampshire, and I will share all of that as I sift through the photos, but I had to squeeze in this outing to our favorite farm last week. This was the first time I really saw Roo showing off her standing skills in the great outdoors. It's a special moment to see my baby standing on her own two feet in the big open world. She suddenly feels like her own little person. It's an obvious milestone that never seems like such a big deal when other parents report it, but struck me as miraculous with both of my own children. I am so proud to be her mama, Happy belated birthday to my little girl... and more birthday musings to come.


  1. She looks so proud of herself!! What a great moment to capture!

  2. It IS miraculous! She is amazing, Lilly. Happy 1st Birthday, sweet smiley girl!