August 10, 2014

32/52 and Flying Baby


*I'm usually really good about choosing 'just one' shot for each kid every week (that's sort of the whole point of my doing the series, to edit as I go)... but I just love how joyful this baby is being tossed in the air! Ultimately, I'll probably pick the mid-flight middle one, don't you think?

This week he: made big potty progress, and then regressed... but we're heading in the right direction! / got caught in the rain at Walden Pond and was not happy / picked tons of veggies from the garden, he is very careful and precise / went blueberry picking and ate too many berries / went to the 'museum at the ocean' (ICA) and didn't want to leave / gave his sister so many hugs, he really wants to carry her but it doesn't seem like the best idea ;)

This week she: had big nap issues, this girl just doesn't sleep enough / started walking while just holding one of our hands or pushing a cart (she is so close) / was unimpressed by her first visit to the ICA, but very impressed by the boardwalk on the water / climbed all the way to the top of her brother's slide when I wasn't looking (I swear my back was turned for one second!), this girl is going to be a thrill seeker. Yikes!


  1. Oh my gosh, amazing shots, Lilly! I love the juxtaposition of bright cheery colorful baby (she looks like a doll!) against dark and stormy skies. Amazing! And yes, the middle shot is my favorite too. Also, I think I remember each of my boys slowing down on sleep right before they learned how to walk. Something about learning a new skill maybe?

  2. Those photos are awesome! If I had to choose, I'd go with the middle too. :)