July 8, 2014



This week he: faced forward and actually watched the whole fourth of july fireworks show for the first time / spent two days splashing in the pool with his cousin / had a bunch of melt-downs over almost nothing (as always seems to be the case around family) / melted my heart by saying things like, 'mama thank you for this dinner, it's delicious' / drove me nuts by luring his sister to stay awake and prolonging bedtime (these two... the trouble begins!)

This week she: fell asleep during the firework show / went swimming for the very first time /  impressed everyone with her continued easy going temperament / stood without holding on, and started trying hard to stand up in space (without pulling up) / struggled with naps and bedtime (she keeps standing!) / ate like a champ, it's amazing to watch this girl pack it away.

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  1. Love the two of them together!! What a great moment to capture. The conspiracies begin! My son and daughter were only 13 months apart (with a 4-years-older sister). The mischief they would get into was beyond belief. We still talk about the time they, as toddlers, hid under the bed with a pair of safety scissors and emerged looking like punk rock rejects. Sigh...