June 8, 2014

Through The Woods

may 2014 / over the river and through the woods from grandma's house

A good nature walk with my family is a favorite pastime these days. We all get focused on avoiding roots and rocks, watching for animals and trying to stay quiet, the baby usually nods off somewhere along the way... a rare bit of peace. Of course it doesn't always work out that way, but even when there is whining and tears, we can usually find our way to a good time when we are all outdoors together. 

*We leave for our first little camping trip with baby Roo on Thursday. I'm busy prepping, getting excited... and yeah maybe just a little anxiety about whether anyone will actually sleep. Start crossing those fingers for sunny skies! 

1 comment:

  1. stunning photos...

    i'll cross my fingers for you that you'll get some sleep! though i usually find that when you're in the outdoors, or spent some time with little ones outside, exploring, actually physically doing something, that they are exhausted and sleep much better! x