June 7, 2014



This week he: had a school field trip to habitat (mom and sis came along too) and spotted a giant bullfrog / helped prepare for our camping trip, he's so excited to get all of his supplies together! / had his last day of school, and was smart enough to request to bring home the map he'd 'shared' earlier in the year / made me laugh with what might be his first original joke... he was playing with his car collection and I was trying to get out the door, I turned to him and said, 'You're driving me nuts!' and without missing a beat he replied, 'Actually mama, I'm driving a car'. / enjoyed our first beach trip of the year to Walden Pond, and a giant cone with extra sprinkles from the ice cream truck.

This week she: really got moving, she still isn't doing a proper 'cross-crawl', but somehow she is scooting wherever she wants, pulling up on everything, and getting wild! / attempted to eat her weight in rocks and enjoyed splashing in the water at Walden pond / turned ten months old (how!? why!?) / had her first taste of cheese, and it was no surprise that she loved it. 

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  1. It sounds like you all are making the most of the changing seasons and diving right in...the best way to go about it I say! Oh, and when you figure out how to make these kiddos slow down on the growing will you let me know? I can't believe your tiniest pal is already 10 months.