May 5, 2014

Passing Showers

Despite my iPhone attachment and the ridiculous ease of accessing the forecast, I am constantly caught off guard by the weather. It's definitely one part defiance; I never use an umbrella, I sweat in my rainboots on sunny days, and I wear sunglasses even when the skies are gray... the second part has to be a bit of flakiness. I just can't ever seem to get it all together. especially since having a second child. I've become the mother who arrives late and without sunscreen, wipes, or the proper clothing for anyone. In my defense, I do also always manage a few good snacks!

We were all shivering today when a cold front blew in during our visit to nearby Drumlin Farms and my stellar provisions included three outer layers for Little Smith and none for the baby. Happily he was willing to exchange his fleece jacket for a snuggle under her blanket during the car ride home, so only the adults actually froze. We're tough, we can take it.

It's finally feeling like real spring here, and getting outside everyday has made life so much easier. This farm is one of our favorites, and we do make frequent visits, but it's always an extra treat to bring daddy. The baby even snuck in a nap and we all managed to avoid the passing rain while chatting with a few pigs. Then Little Smith took full advantage of splashing in the puddles naturally... no umbrellas needed!

*see our visit to the same farm in the spring of 2012 here

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