August 26, 2013


a portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2013

Wide awake. She is changing so quickly, it's so easy to forget the wild speed of this newborn stage. I'm not rushing it this time, but I do always look forward to those real reactive smiles.

At the table. He got a big boy highchair this week-end. He wasn't sure at first, but quickly decided that he loves it. It's fun looking across at him during meals!


  1. Beautiful portraits!

    Ah yes, I remember when they finally join you at the table. Thanks for reminding me of those lovely moments. :)

  2. So very sweet - love the eyes of your kids! :-)

  3. Those newborn days-- so long and slow and short and fast all at once!! You all have a knack for creating lovely children, for sure!!

  4. Wasn't it crazy the first week you posted portraits of your TWO children? I felt that way after Juniper was born - like, wow, I have a whole other child to photograph now!

    They are both too cute!