May 29, 2013

A Long Week-end

We had some cold and windy weather, but made the most of our long week-end visiting with family in New York. It might be our final trip before the baby comes since I'm not certain how long I'll be comfortable traveling, so there were lots of extra hugs to last us through until the fall (or late summer for my cousin who will likely visit right after the baby's arrival).

As always, we played with the dogs and the goats and ate very well. We also pleased my beer loving husband by attending a tasting at a local brewery. I was obviously unable to do much tasting, which meant that the gentlemen had more than their fair share... luckily keeping a pregnant lady around ensures a designated driver!

I always leave these gatherings with so much gratitude for our amazing and very close family. I also love feeling rested from days of good food without much cooking... such a treat. 

Car rides are becoming a wee bit uncomfortable with the giant belly. Little Smith's car seat takes up so much room behind the passenger that I have very little space, a puzzle that we will have to solve before we add another since I'm not sure we could drive comfortably with it behind the driver in the current configuration. The challenges of a growing family!

I still have a few more trips in my future (including camping very soon), so I'll be breaking out my rally cap. I think I can, I think I can...

*sorry for  the picture overload,it's an indecisive morning... I may do some editing later :)


  1. Beautiful photos and the weather seems to be perfect! Vacations with family are the best :)

  2. Looks like the best of times! :-)

  3. Sounds perfect. You are so cute with your belly! And still planning to camp! So brave. :)


  4. Oh no, keep the pictures they are lovely!! I can't believe how time has flown-- not long now!!

  5. What a perfect weekend! Can I become an honorary member of the family? ;)

  6. We're facing the same vehicle dilemma too - we've got two 4 year olds and a bay squished into our backseat - I can always feel someone's little feet kicking the back of my seat! Minivan land here we come!!

    Love these photos - what a great place to spend the long weekend.


  7. That place looks incredible and you look amazing as well. :)