January 1, 2013

Hello New Year

After a busy holiday season, I finally got exactly what I wanted for New Year's... a couple days of playing in the snow and a cozy night in by the fire with my fellas, good food, and drink. It took everything I had to make it until that 12AM milestone, but I soldiered through and greeted 2013 with a sleepy smile. It was a good year, but I do feel ready for a fresh start. 

Last year, when this journal was in its infancy, I made some resolutions. Looking back on those I would say I'm about fifty percent, sadly some of the simplest things (making my bed and laundry) are my biggest failures! I do love resolutions, so here are a few for 2013.

  • get back into making bread each week
  • carve out some time for real exercise (nothing aggressive, but it's been far too long)
  • be more respectful during conflicts even when I'm passionate (and right!)
  • make more time for my husband and friends (cut out TV? you're loving this one James :))
  • finish the baby blanket that is two years in the making
  • wash all bedding once a week (don't ask what our current schedule is)
  • make more time for design work
  • start seedlings inside
  • make a garden gate
  • make radiator covers
  • visit my mom more often
  • print a few special photos (maybe even a book)
  • try an actual style with my hair once a week
  • keep up this journal to document all the fun

Hope that you all had a wonderful new year's celebration, and bear with me as I get back into the swing of things here. It's going to be traumatic when Pop goes back to work tomorrow (I'm not sure who will be crying more, me or Little Smith... we are really going to miss him around here!).


  1. Lovely family photos. You are a cute bunch! Nice list too. I used to wash all the bedding once a week when my kids were really small. Then I discussed it with a couple of women at work and they thought I was crazy! I cut it back to every two weeks (and many times I don't even make that schedule). Not the most important thing in the world I figure. I want to make more bread too!

  2. Here is another vote for beds every two weeks - anything more (barring accidents and illness) is just madness - life is too short! Happy New Year!

  3. Happy happy new year!! Looking forward to seeing 2013 play out~*

  4. Thanks guys! I'm laughing at the bedding advice... probably makes me sound super-clean but trust me, if I say every week then maybe we will make it happen every two weeks, housekeeping is not my strength :) I'm especially referring to the crib sheet too which could use a weekly wash.

  5. Cute family photo! I find it hard to be respectful too when I know that I am right. :) My poor husband. You have a great list, and I look forward to watching you accomplish them all . . . this time!

  6. beautiful photos! I'm with you on the exercise, and being respectful...great list! ps I don't wash our sheets 1x a week. But I'm also not much of a routine person, maybe that's why?!

  7. Beautiful family pictures! I'm with you on a lot of your resolutions, including exercise and the photo book. We barely have photos up around here at all. And zero photo albums. Good luck with everything!

  8. Such great photos! You guys are the cutest family. I do love your New Year's resolutions... though they make me feel like quite a slacker. I think I have maybe two or three resolutions and they are a little too vague, like must eat more healthfully again, or stop moping around the house and go outside!

    Happy New Year!

  9. I love your resolutions. The sheets thing really is so much trouble, but always feels incredible. Nothing like a freshly cleaned body in a set of clean sheets. I look forward to following along on your adventures in this fresh year! Here's to a happy one! :)

  10. I have the SAME laundry desire although I have yet to make it happen consistently. But I really do love knowing I'm not the only one!

    Love these family photos, Lilly! Even the kitty made it in to some!


  11. Lovely family photos. I'm happy to hear that the Smiths were able to get some rest and relaxation for The New Year! Oh, being respecting and calm during conflicts is definitely on my list as well (especially when you're "right"! Ha!). Wishing you the best in 2013!