November 5, 2012

Last of October

I know that we are solidly into November, and I am getting close to making that leap towards winter (especially with this time change stealing an hour of my daylight), but I couldn't leave behind October without mentioning our ginormo pumpkin.
We always carve a pumpkin, I'm pretty sure I've never missed a year. I pride myself on my pumpkin picking skills, it's all about proportion and stem... a pumpkin is nothing without the stem! Big Smith instructed me he wanted a 28lb pumpkin and to me that meant 'big', so instead I found him a $28 pumpkin that was 48lbs. It was heavy!
We had a little design pow-wow to decide on a strategy for a jack-o-lantern, and it quickly devolved into a heated debate. I wanted to cut a hole in the bottom, Big Smith voted for the tried-and-true top lid method. We seriously argued to the point where I thought we might just leave the thing un-cut. There are times when a girl has to stand her ground, you'll notice the top of the pumpkin is in tact ;)
I did relinquish carving control and I think Big Smith did a great job, particularly considering this was the thickest pumpkin ever. We got lots of compliments from our swarms of trick-or-treaters.
Everyone also thought that Little 'fishy' Smith was a girl (which seems to happen to every toddler without a buzz cut so I'm not bothered). I think my favorite comment was 'she is the cutest little chicken'. I just said thanks- 'cause hey, if you're going to be a chicken, you want to be the cutest of chickens!
So that's it October, another month down. I used to dread November, post-leaves, pre-snow, and a holiday that I know is great 'cause it isn't commercial and is about giving thanks, but also revolves around a bird that I find kind of icky. Now November is also my kid's birthday month, so it's looking all shiny and new. Welcome winter!


  1. I love his costume! If it makes you feel any better, unless she's wearing pink, Biet is mistaken for a boy nearly everyday on the subway. Usually, as Biet blows kisses to everyone in the subway car, some nice woman will tell us that our adorable son is flirting with her. We just smile.

    And can you believe that its November already??! This time of year always whirls by in such a blur. Happy early birthday to Little Smith!

  2. The pumpkin looks so big beside him! Haha. Btw i love the jacket and boots tt u're wearing, Gd combination :)

  3. The great pumpkin story! So cute about 'miss chicken' too {my son was also always confused for a girl, and my two youngest, 13 mos apart, were often called twins by well meaning baby admirers. Sigh.}

  4. Oh, how cute! Well, being on the other side who has done that before, it's embarrassing when you are wrong about the sex! I think you played it off smoothly. It makes it embarrassing when you are corrected. If that hadn't happen, then I would have never known about it and never would have felt that way. :) But the idea that he was a chicken . . . . ????

  5. People say the weirdest things sometimes - chicken? Haha! You're right though, it's best just to go with it. :)

    The giant pumpkin turned out awesome! I like the classic Jack-O-Lantern face too.


  6. Oh my word - that is one pumpkin...and all those other ones too. We have nothing as spectacular in the UK - well not around our neck of the woods.

    Nina x

  7. That is one big pumpkin. Great job on the carving! And Little Smith is to die for in his fishy costume. I used to dread November too, but I'm managing. ;)

  8. I love this story about the pumpkin carving... you guys need to get two pumpkins next year! :)

    Also, I can see how people would mistake W for a girl only because he has the most gorgeous big blue eyes and long thick lashes... which is what every little girl would love, right? I think he makes an adorable fishy.

    I'm kind of dreading November, as Andrew is out of town or working every weekend except Thanksgiving, and I'm kind of blah on the turkey thing too... we'll see what happens! W is going to be two already? Zoiks!

  9. Finally, at 5 1/2, the majority of people know that Theo is a boy. Sully, on the other hand, is still referred to as "she" on a weekly basis. What gives?! Holy pumpkin, sister! Love it! Love that first pic too.

  10. That pumpkin is amazing! Also, you have such a stylin' family. I swear little smith dresses better than I do. :)

  11. So cute! Love all those fall photos! Adorable jack o'lantern... what a wonderful time of year!