October 2, 2012


playing alone / september 29, 2012
It still amazes me when this happens... when it's quiet and I'm not quite sure what Little Smith is up to and I find him playing happily all by himself. I love when I can watch him for a few seconds before he notices that I'm there, he talks to himself and is so silly. He's really his own little person and not a baby anymore. Of course then there are those times (as in today) when I discover that he's somehow unwound all my knitting in his thirty seconds of alone time. He's quick that little boy!


  1. Those moments are valuable! Love this room and the floors by the way! :-)

  2. We know what you mean .... they are so lovely when speak to themself and I'm so sad when I think yes .... he is not a baby anymore ....

    Have a beatiful day

    Lelli italian family

  3. I really love your home space, and your decorating.

  4. I'm sure the conversations he has with himself will only get cuter, too. Love that photo of him

    It's funny. I just had a similar "Alice is quiet, what a good kid" moment, too. I was letting her have some naked time on the floor in her room (thankfully on a pee mat) while I made coffee. Usually she talks and sqwaks away but she was so quiet this time. I peeked my head around the corner and there she was, playing quietly by herself.

    With a HUGE poop on her pee mat.

    Now I know why she was so quiet. ;-)

  5. LOL My oldest daughter used to enjoy taking all the video cassettes out of their cases. I would leave the room for two seconds & return to find her sitting by the bookcase, a pile of cassettes to her left, a pile of cases to her right & her in the middle giggling like a fiend. Amazing what littles find entertaining!

  6. Oh shoot! Owen quiet = TROUBLE! How's the new couch holding up? I'm looking into switching out my dookie colored couch in the future. Annnnd I see the Flor tiles. ;)

    1. I know I always think it's going to mean big trouble- sometimes it does but often I'm pleasantly surprised :) The couch is holding up great so far. No complaints yet!

  7. I think it is good for them to have time and space on their own. I did needlepoint when the children were small - knitting could be grabbed off your lap, and it is difficult to stop in the middle of a long row! Needlepoint was childproof!

    Pomona x

  8. Oh, no! Not the knitting!

    I know what you mean-- sometimes I just hide around the corner to listen!

  9. The knitting...oh that is heartbreaking! I am so trained to wonder what the kids are up to that I am still now constantly asking where they are, and they are 7 and 10. BTW, your house looks so lovely and clean.

  10. ah! the unraveling of the knitting! if our boys were to get together the destruction of knitted things would be epic.